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Rear-facing or Forward-facing Baby Stroller: Which is Better for a Baby?

Rear-facing baby stroller or a front-facing baby stroller is better for a baby? Should a baby face forwards or backward? It sparks a hot debate in parenting circles. Most parents like to put their baby in a stroller when they go out with their baby. However, many people may not know that the orientation of the baby's face is very knowledgeable. 

When your baby is young or newborn, keep them facing you. That is for safety. You can keep an eye on them in case they need anything. When they are toddlers, they can turn their backs on you, and they will enjoy seeing everything that is happening around them. They don't need to be watched every minute.

The Benefits of a Rear Facing Baby Stroller

Babies will be able to see your face, as well as see you talking to them. Seeing your familiar face comforts them emotionally and helps them feel safe.

rear facing baby stroller

Benefit for Baby's Development

There's nothing like looking deeply into your eyes when your baby is very little. Developmentally, your baby wants to see the parents' faces, especially during the first few months. 

The baby craves social exchanges with you. And also, start responding to your facial expressions by independent study. In a front-facing stroller, it is more difficult for you to give your baby this kind of stimulation for development.

Better Interact with Your Baby

The study found that it was likelier to talk, laugh, and interact with their parents if in a parent-facing baby stroller. You won't be discussing anything with your baby. However, saying their name and even talking to your baby helps them familiarize you with your voice.

Make Your Baby Safer

Having your baby face you in a stroller, your little one's head and neck will prevent the impact. This has the same effect as having them rear-facing in a car seat for the first two years. If you accidentally hit the curb or a bump on the pavement, the baby' will head and neck jerk forward in a forward-facing stroller.

Monitor Your Baby Easier

When in a rear-facing stroller, parents can always see some baby's conditions and are aware of the baby's development and movements. 

The Benefits of a Forward-facing Baby Stroller

As babies age, they become more curious about the world around them. When your baby is in a stroller facing the street, they are more likely to discover the world than when they are facing you. If you and your baby look at the same things, it can help you develop language skills because you can name what you see.

forward-facing baby stroller

When Can Baby Sit in a Front Facing Stroller?

Babies become more independent from six to nine months. They are eager to explore what is going on around them. Choosing a front-loading stroller at this time will allow your child to see what is happening in front of them. 

How to Choose the Most Suitable Type of Baby Stroller for Your Baby?

The best choice for your child depends on their age and size. For example, if they are less than 6 months old, they may prefer to face inward toward you. This is because it will help them feel more secure. If they are older than 6 months, it is best to face them outward so they can see the world around them and interact with other people and objects.

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Babies under 1-year-old are still immersed in a small world with their parents. They are highly dependent on their parents and need more security. You face your baby and interact with eyes and words that make the baby feel more at ease. 

After 1 year old, the baby can't help curiosity to explore the world. It will give the baby a broader view in a forward-facing pushchair. The direction of the stroller also depends on the baby's mood. Learn to look at the baby's expression to do things. When the baby is crying, make the baby face you, soothe and let your baby calm down. When the baby is in high spirits and full of curiosity, it should be in a front-facing stroller and can see the wonderful world outside.

Now that talking about the forward-facing stroller, there is a good recommendation. The best baby stroller should be comfortable for the baby and the parent. The baby stroller should be easy to use, lightweight, and compact. It should have a good suspension system and an adjustable reclining seatback so that the baby can sleep while in the stroller. 

Besrey's lightweight baby stroller has all the pros just mentioned. And it also features an aluminum frame for a safe and secure ride for your child. 

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