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Safety Tips for Baby Stroller: Purchase and Use

A child is the greatest gift God gives parents. You offer all of your love to the child from he is born. A stroller is one of the baby's favorite means of walking and a helpful tool for mothers when taking their babies to the street for shopping. As essential parenting gear, a reliable stroller is a base for ensuring the baby's safety.

What Type of Stroller is Safe for Your Baby?

There are 4 types of strollers on the market:

Full-sized stroller: cover all the essential functions, suitable for daily use and short time out in residential areas.

Lightweight or umbrella stroller: with lightweight character, suitable for travel.

Jogging stroller: specially used for outdoor sports, with oversized tires, can push the baby to run

Double stroller: A stroller for twins or multiple children.

double stroller

Different types of strollers have different advantages, but safety comes first anyway. You can decide which type of baby stroller you need by asking the following questions.

  • What's your baby's age and weight?
  • Do you travel usually?
  • Does your baby prefer to stay in a car seat?
  • How many people are there in your family?

A full-sized stroller meets your needs if you want a regular, essential, full-featured pram.

If your family often travels, a lightweight stroller is the best choice for you. If you often do outdoor sports, choosing the jogging stroller is better. As the name suggests, the double stroller is for families with multiple children or twins.

Considering these factors is helpful to purchase the right stroller, which creates a safe and friendly environment for taking your baby out.

Tips for Buying a Safe Baby Stroller

Here are 5 tips for judging whether you can purchase the stroller. Hopefully, these ideas will dispel your doubts.

Safety Certificate: Check for the mandatory safety standard ASTM F833. Partly, it guarantees the safety of the stroller.

Backrest Recline: Newborns within 6 months need to lie flat. They couldn't sit up, so the backrest of the stroller needed to be adjusted to 170 degrees up and down as much as possible.

Five-Point Safety Harness: A five-point harness that wraps around the baby's waist, over their shoulders, and between their legs is not easy to slide. If your baby is lively and active, it can hold him tightly in the stroller and prevents him from falling. Even in the face of external impact, the baby will not be thrown because of inertia.

Shock-Absorbing Wheels: If you need to take your baby out shopping or to walk in the park, it is inevitable to rough terrain such as pebbles. A stroller with shock-absorbing wheels provides stable rolling and is super easy to push, giving your baby a comfortable and peaceful trip.

Effective Brakes: When you stop to buy a cup of coffee, wait for traffic lights, etc., a practical brake engages. But please, don't park on the slope.

Accessories to Ensure the Safety of Babies

Thoughtful accessories are good helpers that take care of your baby, which allow you to pay more attention to him. You won't be disturbed by some trifles, like bad weather and various belongings.

Stroller Shield: A good stroller shield has excellent ventilation, while it also protects your baby from sunlight, wind, rain, and snow.

Cup Holder: Put your bottle in the cup holder on the side of the frame. Then you can keep both hands on the pram.

Storage Basket: It is under the stroller's seat. You can use it to hold baby bottles, milk powder, diapers, and other daily necessities. It can also be used as a vegetable basket when you take your child out to buy food. Considering the baby's safety, you'd better not put lots of heavy items in the storage basket.

Tether Strap: Please wrap the tether strap around your wrist to avoid pram rowing away accidentally.

How Can I Keep My Baby Safe in the Stroller?

  1. Keep an eye on the stroller and stay close.
  2. Please buckle up anytime the baby is in the car.
  3. Use brakes when you stop.
  4. Store belongings correctly, especially not heavy things.
  5. Be careful toys hang on the stroller bumper bar and fasten them securely.
  6. Don't allow your baby to stand up or lean out of the stroller.
  7. Pay attention to stroller tip-over.
  8. Take caution when folding the pram.
  9. Put down your phone while pushing the stroller.

Safety Tips for Using the Stroller

Some improper operations may lay a safety hazard for the stroller, so how should we use our stroller safely?

  1. Examine the folding mechanics and brakes before using them.
  2. Had better avoid pushing a stroller on extremely bumped roads, over curbs, and up and down stairs.
  3. Don't hang heavy bags on the stroller handles. They may alter the normal forwarding orientation of the stroller.
  4. Store the stroller inside your house or garage.
  5. Don't expose it to the sun. Exposure to the sun can impair its lifespan.

Besrey Baby Stroller

Besrey lightweight gravity-folding stroller equips reinforced plastic components and a strong aluminum frame, which has been tested to survive 100k tests and complies with ASTM F833 standard.

The sturdy and heavy-duty material copes with the wear and tear of strollers easily on the road and gives babies a safe traveling experience.

This stroller can roll steadily on rugged terrain. Its oil-free bearings and shock-absorbing EVA material reduce the bumpiness efficiently. It greatly ensures the baby's comfort during the journey, making it easy to push.

When folded up, it is the size of a suitcase and weighs only 6.7kg (14.4lbs), making it easy to carry at the airport or while traveling. It also comes with a carry bag. Thoughtful design allows you to pay more attention to your baby, not distract you.

Due to the baby's delicate and sensitive skin, the stroller seat cushion is made of high-quality fabric, skin-friendly and waterproof, breathable, and odorless.

The adjustable seatback forms part of an ergonomic seat, which bears most babies' weight to protect their spine. An adjustable leather-covered foot also acts on the comfort and safety of the baby, whether the baby is sleeping or sitting and playing well.


As we mentioned above, there's no right or wrong answer to what's best for your baby when buying a baby stroller. The most important thing is that it's safe for the baby. Lastly, be wary of second-hand or hand-me-down cradles, as they may not meet modern safety requirements.

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