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When Can a Baby Sit in a Baby Stroller? Safety Tips You Must Know

Wonderful times are to be had when taking your baby or toddler out in a stroller. Whether it's a vacation, a walk in the park, or a trip to the mall, fun times are plenty. But something that shouldn't be overlooked is the safe usage of a baby stroller to keep your precious one safe. Here we give some advice, plus a few choices for strollers for toddlers.

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When Can a Baby Sit in a Stroller?

Soon after a baby becomes animated, alert, and can sit upright, it's time to consider a stroller. The age at which a baby can safely sit in a stroller will vary from baby to baby, but in general, a baby should be able to support their head in the sitting position. Once a baby's spine is strong enough, which is around 3 months, it is then time to start introducing them to the fun world of the great outdoors on four wheels!

Purchasing a Safe Baby Stroller

As with buying any product for your baby, you will want to be confident that your little one is going to be safe using it. Therefore, when you buy a baby stroller for your baby, it is essential to research the product and brand.

Please do this by checking what other customers say about the product, reviews, and Google it. Check the manufacturer's websites to see what they say about their products. Do they mention safety and any relevant safety standards their products meet? Doing research like this is a good starting point to ensure you get a safe stroller.

How to Safely Use and Handle a Stroller?

Apart from the essential safety requirements of baby strollers, you should also know a few safety tips for handling and using your child's stroller.

Buy a well-balanced, sturdy stroller

The starting point to safely handling a stroller is to purchase a stroller with good balance and sturdy. A stroller that pushes quickly and with wheels that swivel effortlessly will help you out a long way. Even lightweight strollers should be sturdy and not give the impression they might tip easily.

Locking and securing the stroller

For strollers that fold and unfold, it is crucially important that when you unfold the stroller and get it ready to put your baby, it is fully locked into place, and the frame is fixed and secure. Be sure that all locks and latches are firmly placed before putting your child in it.

foldable baby stroller

Fasten your seat belt

Of course, an article about the safe use of a stroller could not be written without mentioning the safety harness. Once your toddler or baby is in the stroller, immediately fasten the harness. Even if you don't intend on pushing the stroller, you should attach the safety harness, as it is all too easy for little ones to slip out onto the floor.

Do not hang heavy objects on the stroller

Additionally, refrain from hanging any heavy items on the stroller's handle. The weight of this can pull down on the stroller making it less stable. If the stroller has underneath storage, always use that and don't exceed the manufacturer's weight limit.

Avoid using extra cushions or bedding

As for the stroller's cockpit area, avoid using additional cushions or bedding as this can be a suffocation hazard. Always heed the manufacturer's warning labels and pay attention to the user manual when receiving the stroller.

Besrey strollers focus on safety

As a global manufacturer and seller of Baby and Toddler products, Besrey knows the importance of safe products so that parents can have complete confidence to keep their little ones free from harm.

Our range of baby strollers encompasses all aspects of safety that you would expect from a range of modern strollers. Our team of designers prides themselves on producing baby and toddler products that look great and are highly functional, and, above all, safe.

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