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About Besrey

Besrey is a Germany originated high-end child life style leading brand. Over the past 7 years, Besrey has been the pursuit of excellence , devoted all our passion to provide you practical and reliable baby supplies that enhance and support the pleasure of raising children from pregnancy to preschool.

We brought revolutionary concept and fashionable design for the baby products market. Each of our products not only meet the basic demand of family travel, easy to operate, which makes you pay more attention to more important thing---- your baby. We also blend rich color and fashion elements into our products, to help your baby become fashion icon that catches people’s when they were born.

While ensuring ensuring the functionality and fashion at the same time, we emphasize the safety and durability of our product. We put your baby’s comfort and safety in top priority while producing every product. No matter gravel road or bumpy mountainous road, it will always stay stable and safe.

Brand Concept

In Besrey research center, our researchers discovered baby’s favorite colors, ergonomic stroller and car seat with highest safety factor by observing, analyzing and collecting baby’s data at each stage from born to preschool. They introduced the latest and best technology to meet the baby’s physical and psychological needs of each stage of growth. When we applied every new technology in our products, they are always tested repeatedly on-site by medical and scientific experts, and tried by parents. Our every single product passes the international certification like CCC, ASTM, CE, etc, so it is safe and reliable.