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Easy and Fast Ways to Clean a Bedside Sleeper

It is critical to keep your baby's sleeping environment clean. Bedside sleepers, as common baby bedding, are frequently soiled by fluids such as sweat, milk, tears, and urine. A dirty bedside sleeper makes your baby uncomfortable and allows bacteria to grow, putting your baby's health at risk.

Regular cleaning and Disinfection will prevent the spread of germs in stained areas. That is why it is critical to clean the bedside sleeper and ensure your baby's sleep space is clean. As a result, parents should learn how to properly clean bedside sleepers.

The many nooks and crannies of a bedside sleeper make them difficult to clean, but it just takes a little effort to make it look new again. How should a bedside sleeper be cleaned to keep it safe? Luckily, it's relatively easy. We'll show you how to keep your baby's sleeping area clean and sanitary quickly and easily, so you don't have to worry about putting your baby at risk of disease.

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When to Clean Your Bedside Sleeper?

Keeping your baby's bedside sleeper clean helps to keep them healthy and happy. It is suggested that crib sheets be washed twice a week. Because the main body of the bedside sleeper is less likely to get dirty than the sheets, the frequency of cleaning can vary depending on the situation.

If you notice obvious water stains or dirt on the body of your bedside sleeper, you should thoroughly clean it to keep it hygienic. If you have the time, cleaning the main body of your bedside sleeper once a month to remove any accumulated dirt, dust, or debris will help reduce health risks such as skin allergies, nasal irritation, and more.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Clean a Bedside Sleeper

Keeping your bedside sleeper looking its best is as easy as following these six steps. If you need help determining what procedures are recommended, check the cleaning instructions in the manual from the manufacturer for details.

1. Get the Right Cleaning Supplies

To begin, you'll need the proper equipment to wash the entire bedside sleeper. You'll need the following items: ①Baby-safe laundry detergents; ②New sponges, cloths, and dusters; ③A spray bottle; ④Gentle disinfectants

2. Remove the Bedding

Remove the mattress pad, sheets, pillows, lining, and other extra fabric items from the bedside sleeper. Check the user manual for disassembly instructions on removing them without damaging the bedside sleeper.

3. Use a Vacuum

The vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to clean a bedside sleeper because it has a powerful sucking mechanism that quickly removes dust and other particles. Clean the nooks and crannies of the bedside sleeper with a hose attachment vacuum. The dirtiest areas are usually around the mattress and beneath the bedside sleeper frame.

4. Wash & Clean

All bedding should be washed with an unscented, mild detergent that is safe for the baby. You can either machine wash under the recommended cycle instructions or hand wash if you need more clarification.

Then, clean any other stained parts of the bedside sleeper, such as the frames, buckles, and straps. Check the user manual to identify cleanable parts if you need more clarification. It is recommended that these parts be cleaned with a damp cloth rather than rinsed with a hose unless otherwise specified in the user manual.

5. Disinfection

Put a baby-safe disinfectant, such as white vinegar, in a spray bottle and disinfect the frames or parts; then, wipe these parts with a clean and dry cloth to avoid rusting.

6. Let It Dry

Allow bedding and other parts to air dry completely before reassembling and reusing. It may take a little longer to air dry. Allow them to dry outside in the sun. A sunny spot in your home will also work if you need a suitable location. Some models of bedside sleepers have bedding that isn't dryer safe, so it's better to check the manual for instructions before drying it in a dryer.

Things to Consider

The cleanliness of the bedside sleeper is an essential part of newborn care, protecting both the newborn and the mother from bacteria, fungi, and other germs. Whether your bedside sleeper is brand new or has been used for a long time, regular cleaning can help it look nice and fresh while keeping germs at a minimum.

After cleaning the bedside sleeper, it is important to let it dry adequately andand inspect all moving parts and locking mechanisms to ensure they are all working properly. You should also note that some of the bedding in the bedside sleeper is not waterproof, so avoid soaking them in water. Instead, clean themclean them or purchase waterproof mattress covers specifically designed for your model.

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