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How to Store a Stroller Indoors?

Strollers make it easier for parents to go out with their children. When the stroller is no longer in use, however, storing it becomes a problem. Many parents choose to store unused strollers in their garages or utility rooms.

Of course, it is feasible as an emergency method. However, such simple storage without protective measures for an extended period of time will accelerate the aging of the stroller, resulting in component damage and affecting reuse. What is the best way to store your stroller as well as protect it from rapid aging? We will discuss this in this article.

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Where is the Best Place to Store a Stroller?

Strollers can take up valuable storage space in your house, but there are some great places to store them without compromising your living space.

By the Door: Storing an unused stroller behind the door is also a great way to save space. You can fold the stroller and use the mount to hang it behind the door, or you can fold it and insert it into the space left behind the door.

By the Stairs: You can save additional space by placing your stroller inside the storage by the stairs if it still has room. This not only saves space in the room, but it is also easily accessible at any time.

Garden Shed: You can also store your stroller inside a garden shed in addition to your plants or garden tools. However, you should cover the stroller with plastic films or bags to keep it from mold, bug bites, and worm nesting.

Car Trunk: Strollers can be stored in the trunk of your car if you don't have enough space at home for them. To save space, fold the stroller and place it in a folded position with some bungee cords wrapped around its handle, wheels, and backrest.

Wardrobe: If your stroller's fabric requires a better storage environment, store it in your closet after cleaning and drying it. The wardrobe's stable environment of constant temperature and humidity can protect some special fabrics on the stroller from wrinkling, degradation, or falling off due to excessive oxidation.

Basement: If you don't use it for a long time, the stroller can become an obstruction in the room or garage. After taking protective measures, it is recommended to store the stroller in the basement for long-term storage.

Steps and Tips on Storing Stroller at Home

The storage process for various strollers can differ. Read and follow the instructions in the stroller's manual before storing it. Here are some common storage methods that will work with any stroller.

Step 1: To prevent stains from solidifying and forming permanent stains, strollers should be thoroughly washed and dried before long-term storage (follow the manufacturer's instructions). If it is for short-term storage, most stains on the stroller also need to be cleaned with a damp cloth before storage.

Step 2: To reduce the stroller size further, it is recommended that any removable parts be removed before storage and stored separately near the stroller for use again. It is up to you to decide which parts need to be disassembled for short-term storage (less than a week).

Step 3: Keep the stroller in a place that does not get too humid, and where there is very little temperature fluctuation so that it does not rust. For proper storage, it is always recommended to follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Is It OK to Store a Stroller in the Garage?

Yes, it is OK to park a stroller in a garage as long as it does not obstruct the passageway or take up any parking space. Putting a stroller in the garage can be convenient if you need to take your baby to the shopping mall or nearby park regularly. All you need to do before each departure is to put the stroller in the trunk without much preparation.

How Do I Keep My Stroller Clean?

UV rays can damage the umbrella over time, leading to cracks in the plastic. Store the stroller away from direct sunlight. Floorboards may be susceptible to moisture buildup due to the amount of humidity on any given day, so considering storing a towel or mat underneath may be a good idea. It's a good idea to wrap the stroller in film or a plastic bag to prevent dust buildup and insects from nesting inside the stroller.

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Things to Consider

Here are some helpful tips for storing your stroller correctly.

Safety: Strollers should be stored away from children and pets to avoid potential safety hazards.

No Obstruction: Be careful not to block fire escapes, doorways, or passageways, especially when you have children around.

Easy Access: The location where you store strollers should be easily accessible for future use.

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