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Which Type of Baby Carrier is Best for Hiking with Your Child?

Babywearing can be very useful and beneficial for both parents and babies. You can take care of household duties, prepare meals, or play with your older child while holding your baby in a wrap, sling, or other traditional carriers.

Additionally, it comes in very handy when traveling by public transportation, going shopping, or navigating a crowded airport. Of course, if you practice a little, you can use the carrier while nursing as well.

Being so close to their caregivers and feeling their warmth and heartbeat can be comforting for many babies. It also contributes to the strengthening of the bond between parent and child.

Four Types of Baby Carriers


A very long piece of stretchy fabric that you wrap and tie around your body to make a carrier—typically over your shoulders and around your middle. Wraps are especially beloved by newborns because they simulate the feeling of the womb. Most are one-size-fits-all and easily adapt to various body types, but they can be tricky to master the first few times.


A wide piece of fabric that goes across your torso and over one shoulder. Slings, which create a pouch for your baby to sit in, are generally easy to use. They're also great for hotter climates because they're generally lightweight. However, because slings do not distribute weight evenly, they may not be comfortable for long-term use.

Soft Structured Carrier

These engineering marvels tend to distribute the weight of the baby to your hips while providing your little one with plenty of support, creating a snug, comfortable fit for both of you. They have a more defined feel and numerous straps. You can use soft-structured baby carriers as your little one grows into a bigger toddler because many of them have multiple carrying positions.

Backpack Carriers

These heavier, backpack-style carriers are ideal for parents who want to take their infant on outdoor adventures because they have more padding and boning to keep the child secure. Although they are a little heavier than the other three options, they provide more structure and security. You typically have to wait until your baby is a little older and can sit up on her own because they are frequently only for back-carrying.

Besrey hiking backpack for toddler

Which Type of Baby Carrier is Best for Hiking with Your Child?

Soft Structured Carriers


  • Simple to use and adjust: The baby carrier only needs to be put on, buckled, and the straps adjusted. There is no need to struggle when tying. It's probably the baby carriers that are easiest to use.
  • Long-term use and versatility: Many soft structured carriers are designed to grow with the baby. Some models have adjustable seat width, while others can be used from birth with a special insert.
  • Position for health and ergonomics: The upgraded baby carriers provide a comfortable frog position for the baby, with hips and knees in anM shape.
  • A wide range of styles and colors: Everyone can find a carrier that fits their personality.
  • Padding for comfort: The shoulder straps are padded for the wearer's convenience. Some models even have a special waist strap that helps to reduce lower back strain.


Expensive: This type of baby carrier is usually quite costly, or at least more expensive than wraps or ring slings.

Backpack Carriers


Ideal for active parents: This kind of baby carrier is ideal for hiking and long walks.

Well-equipped: Backpack carriers typically have numerous storage pockets and a fold-out stand.

Excellent weight distribution: Most backpack carriers have an adjustable torso length, wide padded shoulder straps, and a waist belt to ensure even weight distribution for the baby. It's essential for long-distance walks.

Ideal for inquisitive toddlers: It allows the child to explore and observe his surroundings.


Big: This type is unquestionably bulkier than other types of baby carriers, and because it does not fold up compactly, it may be more difficult to store.

Heavy: It's a framed carrier, not just a fabric, so it could be quite heavy. It may strain your back if you have a toddler in it.

Finding the baby carrier that fits your needs and lifestyle the best is crucial because there are many different types available. The kind is chosen based on the baby's age, the carrier's instructions, and the ease of use and comfort for the parents.

If you're looking for a cost-effective stroller under $150, the Besrey ultra-lightweight baby carrier backpack is a great choice.

At only 5.5 pounds, the baby hiking backpack's compact design makes it easy to carry when out with your toddler, and its foldable design allows the frame to fold down for easy travel and storage.

A well-designed seat with a 5-point safety harness tightly secures your little one, giving you confidence on variable terrain while the sunshade with clear rain cover protects your baby from sun rays or light rain.

The cushioned, washable front pad is great for napping babies (and easy to clean up afterward), as well as adjustable seat height and foot stirrups to match your tot's natural resting posture for sufficient comfort.

The torso, sternum strap, and hip belt are easily adjusted to fit a wide range of adults and to provide unrestricted movement when wearing the baby carrier.

And it includes 2 elastic side pockets, 2 zippered hip-belt pockets, a back mesh pocket, and a large zippered bottom compartment for parents hauling more gear, like kiddo's water bottle, diapers, wipes, and more.

Now it's available on Besrey's online store.

Besrey ultra-lightweight baby carrier backpack

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