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7 Benefits of a Bedside Crib & Why You Need It

Choosing how and where your little one sleeps is a personal decision. Experts recommend your baby sleep in the same room as you for the first six months of their life. And one of the safest ways to do this is by using a bedside crib.

bedside bassinet

Is a Bedside Crib Worth It?

Some parents think the baby grows quickly and taller in the blink of an eye, so they avoid purchasing too many items. They feel the bedside bassinet is unnecessary and worthless. However, others say it gives them peace of mind, and a bedside sleeper is worth it.

It is equivalent to providing an independent space for the baby. Having a bedside crib that allows a baby to sleep alone can exercise the baby's independence.

Moreover, the baby sleeps separately from the adult, which is good to breathe for the baby.

When sleeping, the adult may press the baby or accidentally cover the baby's head with the quilt. These are extremely hazardous. Besides, the guardrail around the bedside crib can effectively keep the baby from falling and prevent injuries.

What is the New Safety Standard for Bedside Cribs?

The ASTM standard covers bedside crib performance standards, including specific performance, testing, and labelling requirements. The following are the key provisions of the ASTM bedside crib standard:

l Compliance with ASTM F2194, standard consumer safety specification for bedside cribs - to guarantee items meet basic sleeping environment safety requirements (suffocation, stability, small parts, pinching, shearing, unintentional folding, loading, side height, and sharp edges.)

Minimum side height on the lowered side – to ensure safe occupant retention.

Fabric-sided enclosed openings – are intended to prevent entrapment and suffocation hazards.

Bedside crib accessory (sleep surface collapse/tilt) – to prevent suffocation and entrapment from incorrect assembly with bedside crib accessories from missing key structural elements.

Warnings – intended to alert the caregiver to infant fall, entrapment, and suffocation hazards when using bedside cribs.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bedside Crib?

Most parents believe that sleeping with their baby is the most reassuring option, but numerous hidden dangers exist. The correct method is to use the bedside crib to make the baby sleep alone. Here are 7 benefits of using a bedside crib.

A Safe Alternative

The bedside crib has guardrails, which can encircle the baby within a certain range. And avoid the danger of falling from the bedside because of rolling over. A separate sleep environment reduces the risk of suffocation and strangulation due to some parents' poor sleeping positions or rolling over.

Make Your Baby Sleep Better

Babies have better airflow when they sleep in their bedside cribs than with their parents. Better air circulation could improve your baby's sleep quality. Actions of the adult, such as turning over and getting out of bed at night, can disturb your baby's sleep.

Exercise Your Baby's Independence

The baby sleeps independently for a long time, which can exercise the baby's independence. They do not become overly dependent on their parents nor have a great deal of attachment to them. These are all conducive to the healthy development of the baby's body and mind.

Hassle-free Breastfeeding

With your baby in a bedside crib next to you, you can provide them with the needed comfort and comfortable sleep, as you know your baby is safe. You don't need to leave the room at night, and feeding and bonding can also be done from your bed. It is also simple to keep a close eye on your baby. All you have to do is look over to the bedside crib and check in on your baby!

Ideal for a C-Section Mom

You require bed rest for a full recovery when you have a c-section. Taking care of your baby in your comfortable bed is easy with a bedside crib, which minimizes your movements and how many times you have to get up.

Restful Sleep for Parents

Nothing beats waking up next to your happy and smiling baby. Enjoy the simple yet meaningful moments while easily assisting them in falling asleep from the comfort of your bed. Plus, neither of you will struggle for sleep space at night! The whole family has plenty of space to sleep pleasantly and quietly.

Fun Playing Areas

The bedside crib can also be a good and safe playing area for your little ones. Babies enjoy their freedom and play happily in their personal space.

What to Look for When Buying a Bedside Crib?

Sturdiness and durability – Bedside cribs are built to last in addition to meeting safety standards.

Fit with your bed – It will work with your bed perfectly.

Height of your bed – Bedside cribs have adjustable heights to give you an almost perfect fit on most bed frames.

Mattress – The mattress must be firm, flat, and breathable. Make your baby sleep deeply and, most importantly, safely on a firm mattress.

Easy to assemble  No complicated assembly procedures, easy installation.

Easy to clean  The fabric is easily washable or in the washer.

Portability – The bedside crib is light enough to move around your house.

Extra features – Rock or tilt. These extra features may not be necessary but could be useful.

If you are a mother or father of a newborn looking for a crib, look at the Besrey. The Besrey bedside crib makes it easier to have your baby safely by your side. It's got mesh fabric panels and a soft, breathable 3D mattress.

You can even take care of your baby easier thanks to its 9 adjustable heights, which could accommodate the height of the parent's bed. What's more, Besrey's bedside crib is a detachable crib with a travel bag.

It can be carried from home to another room, solving your baby's sleep problems in unfamiliar surroundings or outside the home. Quick and easy assembly with no tools needed.

Besrey bedside crib

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