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Bedside Crib

Besrey Baby Crib, Baby Bassinet, Sturdy Bedside Sleeper, 9 Height Positions, Adjustable Portable Bassinet for Infant Newborn, Comfy 3D Upright Mattress, Aviation-Grade Aluminum Guardrail, 360° Swivel Wheels,BR-Y521

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  • <strong>Peach Skin</strong>; <strong>Keep Your Baby Safe and Close</strong>: The besrey bassinet bedside sleeper — constructed of aviation-grade aluminum and steel-alloy for durability — is fully compliant with ASTM
  • and CCPSA standards
  • keeping your baby safe and promoting bedside parent-infant bonding with your little one ; <strong>Supportive & Comfy Mattress</strong>: besrey baby bassinet sleeper is designed with a spacious sleeping area (34.65”x20.08”) for infants from 0-6 MONTHS
  • the soft skin-friendly peachskin covered 3D upright cotton mattress
  • and firm medium-density fiberboard
  • provide comfort with just the right amount of support
  • protecting your baby's spine while growing ; <strong>9 Adjustable Heights</strong>: Adjustable to heights of 30.91"-39.37" measured from floor to top of bassinet
  • it’s suitable for varying bed heights. In addition
  • retractable feet of 3.93" allow for use with all beds including box beds. It adopts environmentally friendly water transfer printing technology to create the grain
  • no mold
  • no odor
  • easy to clean ; <strong>360-Degree Casters</strong>: The bedside sleeper for baby is seated on 4 universal casters each with their own sturdy brake. Portable bassinet making it extremely easy to move room-to-room and safely fix in position when the brakes are applied ;

Mosquito Net with Shade

Allows for breathable comfort and visibility while providing a sleep-easy encironment

9 Height Adjustments

Keep Your Baby Cozy and Close

  1. What is the purpose of Soundcore Frames audio glasses
    Audio glasses are extremely convenient as they combine speakers and sunglasses/blue-light filtering glasses into one You can use Soundcore Frames to listen to music, take calls, and more
  2. Does Soundcore Frames use bone conduction technology
    No, Soundcore Frames uses open-ear listening via 4 speakers (2 on each side) which are positioned in front of and behind your ears
  3. What Bluetooth version does Soundcore Frames use
    Soundcore Frames uses Bluetooth 5,2
  4. What audio codecs do Soundcore Frames support
    SBC and AAC

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