how to deep clean a baby carrier

How to Deep Clean a Baby Carrier?

Over time, your baby carrier will be the victim of all the dirt, sweat, and spills. Then you will face the problem of cleaning. Due to the baby's weak resistance, cleaning the items used by the baby is vital.

The cleaning method of the baby carrier cannot also be ignored. It's easy to get dirty because it's often taken outside. If it is not cleaned in time, it may cause the baby to feel uncomfortable and breed bacteria and mites. It is a common concern about how to clean the baby carrier for parents.

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Things to Consider Before Washing a Baby Carrier

Before you throw that baby carrier in the washing machine, spot clean it, or hand-wash it, learn about the fabric. That's because baby carriers are made from various fabrics, including cashmere, cotton, and wool, as well as linen, bamboo viscose, silk, hemp, and fabric blends.

Cleaning a cashmere baby carrier may not be the best way to clean a wool carrier. So, the most efficient way to clean is to identify the fabric of your baby carrier first. In most cases, you can find the fabric on some sewn label onto the baby carrier.

There are buckles and other accessories in addition to the fabric. Even if the fabric is the same, carrier brands may have different care instructions for their products. It's best not to make assumptions and instead read the manufacturer's cleaning instructions.

To keep the color and quality of the fabric on your baby carrier, use a mild yet effective detergent. However, avoid using chlorine bleach, fabric softeners, or detergents that contain optical brighteners. If your baby carrier is made of silk or wool, it's recommended to use a detergent that does not contain enzymes.

Different Materials of Baby Carriers


Blends should be washed according to the most delicate fabric in the blend. For example, if your carrier is a wool/cotton blend, it's best to wash it according to the wool instructions. This will help you keep the life of all the fabrics in the carrier.


Wool is a soft fabric that can get easily felt up if not handled properly. To clean this fabric, wash it with a mild detergent in lukewarm water. Keep the water at a consistent temperature and avoid twisting or ringing the drum to dry. This will keep the fabric from becoming felty.

Bamboo Viscose

Ensure you don't leave this fabric in the water for too long. Allow it to be in the water for no more than 30 to 50 minutes, and avoid rubbing, ringing, or soaking the fabric. Hang it outside to dry and iron it with steam to keep its shape.


This fabric is made of delicate animal fiber and should never be machine-washed. Instead, spot clean or dry-clean only. It is often used as a blend in a wrap or sling-type carrier.

If you must clean it at home, wash it gently in cold water without scrubbing; swish it through the water. To maintain the fabric's integrity and appearance, gently ring it out by wrapping it in a towel. It's best advised to lay the baby carrier flat to air dry, and never iron.

Cotton or Linen

Cotton and linen are easy to care for and much more forgiving than most common carrier fabrics. Clean them alone in cold water with a bit of mild detergent. Be on the delicate cycle, then hang them to dry. It's a natural fiber, which means some shrinkage. So it is not recommended to dry it in the dryer.


Silk is a famous and luxurious fabric. Silk should only be hand-washed with water at a temperature of 30 °C. For silk, use liquid washing detergent. It should not be dried in a dryer or exposed to direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can cause irreversible color changes. Silk should be ironed while still a little wet. Set up your silk iron-on program without steaming or spraying (cold ironing).

Cleaning Tips for Different Types of Baby Carriers

Not all baby carriers are cleaned in the same way. Each type of baby carrier comes with different bits and pieces you need to consider when cleaning. Some baby carriers have rugged buckles.

Others are made of harder-to-clean fabrics. All of these can change the way you need to clean your baby carrier. Here are cleaning tips for different types of baby carriers.

Soft-Structured Carriers

It is usually sufficient to spot clean your soft-structured carrier. If it isn't dirty, clean it with warm water and a mild detergent. Wipe loose solids and dirt away with a clean, damp cloth or sponge.

But if your structured baby carrier needs a nice and deep clean, run a delicate cycle. Before a delicate cycle, it is recommended to pop your soft-structured carrier into a cloth bag or pillow case to offer some protection during washing. Wash it with a gentle detergent in cold water. Finally, air-dry it.

Framed Carriers

A baby carrier with a metal or plastic frame cannot be washed in the washing machine directly, but some have covers or components that are partly removable for washing. Clean other areas with a sponge, warm water, and liquid detergent, then air dry.

Air Dry Baby Carrier

Learn about the fabric and make sure you understand and follow the manufacturer's care instructions. Avoid using bleach and harsh cleaners. In almost all cases, air dry your baby carrier rather than using a dryer. Drying your baby carrier or any fabric in the dryer can cause fabric breakdown due to the dryer's high heat. It can also cause them to shrink, which could ruin your baby's carrier.

The Easiest Baby Carrier to Clean

This article has an in-depth discussion about cleaning the baby carrier. Would you want to know what the easiest baby carrier to clean is? First, the material is washable, easy to remove, and lightweight. It also contains almost no metal components.

The Besrey hip baby carrier features soft, supportive, and breathable mesh material. The buckle is made of plastic. The Besrey baby carrier is also detachable and lightweight. That makes the baby carrier easy to clean and great for new moms.

However, having the correct information will help you know how to wash your Besrey carrier fabric properly without destroying it. Do you want to know more? Click on the store or Amazon to learn about the easiest baby carrier to clean.

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How Often to Clean the Baby Carrier

It is best to wash the baby carrier regularly. Otherwise, it is easy to breed bacteria and mites for a long time. If it is dirty, it is recommended to wash it immediately to ensure the health of the baby.


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