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How Do You Keep Your Child Safe on a Toddler Tricycle?

Riding a tricycle is an excellent way for a toddler to develop hand-eye coordination and mobility skills, and it will make it easier for your child to learn to ride a bike in the future. A toddler can have a lot of fun on a ride, but some hazards can cause injuries if failed to follow tricycle safety rules.

Complex road conditions, improper steering, and unexpected problems can all endanger your child. Parents must take necessary safety precautions before allowing their children to ride and teach them how to maneuver safely and follow road rules.

At What Age Can My Child Ride a Toddler Tricycle?

Your child is ready for a tricycle when they can run, climb, jump, and kick a ball. Most children can ride a tricycle when they are about one year old. By this age, the child can sit without assistance, their neck will be strong enough to support a toddler helmet, and their leg strength will be sufficient to pedal. Although children of this age can ride a bicycle, they still need to be guided by their parents to avoid safety risks.

Tips to Help Keep Your Child Safe While Riding a Tricycle

Ride a Right-sized Tricycle

A toddler tricycle that is too low will prevent the child from correctly exerting force, and it is also easy for the child's knees to rub against the ground, causing abrasions. A toddler tricycle that is too high prevents the child's feet from reaching the ground, increasing the risk of falling and losing balance. Make sure the tricycle you are buying is the right size for your child and easy to maneuver.

Check the Tricycle

Parents should always check that the tricycle is correctly assembled and that no parts are loose, missing, or broken before allowing their child to ride. If something is wrong with the tricycle, stop using it and contact the manufacturer or retailer.

Wear a Helmet

Always wear a helmet on every ride, no matter how safe the place for riding appears. Purchase a certified helmet that fits snugly under your child's chin and ensure that your child wears it on every ride to protect the head from possible impacts.

Wear the Right Gears

Wearing gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads can protect your child from abrasions if they fall. Wear shoes that cover your child's toes to avoid being crushed or smashed by heavy objects.

Ride in a Safe Place

Make sure your child does not ride near pools, busy streets, or unfamiliar places. Only allow your child to ride in safe areas like recreational paths or neighborhood sidewalks.

Supervise Your Child

A toddler should never be unattended on a tricycle. If a toddler gets into trouble, they will require their parents' assistance. When a toddler rides a tricycle, an adult should always be nearby to keep an eye on them.

How to Choose a Safe Toddler Tricycle?

To let your child enjoy riding safely, you should purchase a toddler tricycle that fits your child and has safety features. For kids aged between 10 months to 4 years old, it is recommended to ride this Besrey 5-in-1 toddler tricycle.

Besrey 5-in-1 toddler tricycle


Featured with a curved tube design, a seat height ranging from 11.8-15.4" (1.2" higher than others), and a forward/backward adjustable handlebar, the toddler tricycle can well fit the height of toddlers from 10 months to 4 years old. Its stable triangle structure design protects the tricycle from tipping over, durable carbon steel frame and fully enclosed EVA foam wheels enable your child to navigate various surfaces.

It offers three riding modes — sliding, pedal, and balance bike modes, which the press of a button can convert, helping your kids to learn balance confidently, steering coordination, pedaling, and riding.

If you want to guide your child while riding, consider this 7-in-1 toddler tricycle from Besrey.

The 5-height level adjustable (29.9 "-40.6") push handle used for steering suits the heights of both kids and adults, and a wheel clutch allows the toddlers to rest their feet on the pedals while parents push and steer.

A stable triangle structure is engineered to protect this tricycle from tipping over, and a steering angle limited to 42 degrees prevents it from falling sideways while riding on outdoor grounds.

With six sturdy bearings, a supportive soft seat ranging in height from 11.8-15 inches, and its large-size shock-absorbing wheels, this bike for toddlers provides the rider with a safe, stable, and seamless riding experience across challenging terrains.

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