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How to Experience Different Cycling Modes with a Toddler Tricycle?

It is believed that most children have had a toddler bike. The healthy growth of children is the biggest wish of parents. It is essential to exercise children's abilities in all aspects for their healthy growth of children.

The kids' tricycle is a kind of children's toy car, with three wheels as its distinguishing feature. Riding a toddler tricycle is a perfect project for young children to promote motor development.

Not only can it do physical exercise and master the skills of cycling, but it can also promote the development of balance, coordination, and adaptability by learning to ride a tricycle.

It can be used as a stroller replacement for younger children who are still learning to pedal on their own or as a smooth, fast, and enjoyable ride for older children. A multifunctional tricycle is ubiquitous in many families and plays a vital role in a child's childhood.

How Does Besrey 7-in-1 Toddler Trike Bike Create?

Currently, the European tricycle market is dominated by rod tricycles and canopy tricycles, which account for 62 percent of the market share.

However, the rear wheels of these two types cannot be freely switched. The models are all slightly upgraded versions of the Besrey 3 in 1 toddler tricycle, with 1-2 bearings, no linkage, and no clutch.

But the Besrey new 7-in-1 toddler tricycle has a tool-free assembly design (the subsequent upgrade model has all the functions of the Besrey other toddler tricycles).

It features full-stage product functions of infant trike, guided trike, toddler trike, and balance bike through quick disassembly. The child's "first tricycle," which can meet all of the outing needs of children aged 1-5, is the most practical, functional, and unique product on the market.

4 Different Modes of Besrey 7-in-1 Toddler Trike Bike

1. Infant Trike:

Curious babies begin exploring and walking around the house when 1-2 years old. It is enjoyable and beneficial to the baby's balance for the baby to glide on an infant trike at home.

2. Guided Trike:

The Besrey tricycle keeps up with your child and now comes with a parent steering handlebar. This allows you to control the speed and direction until you are comfortable allowing your kid to cruise at their speed in trike mode.

3. Toddler Trike:

When they are 2-5 years old, you can take off the parent steering handlebar to let the toddlers ride alone. This toddler tricycle without the handlebar is the best way to get your kids exploring and enjoying the world around them. Help develop toddlers' balance and coordination to enjoy riding and gain confidence.

4. Balance Bike

'twist and flip' to instantly convert the mega trike into a two-wheeled balance bike. Just remove the pedals, and they're ready to go. The Besrey tricycle is one of the most versatile bikes for preparing kids for life on two wheels.

a tricycle with multiple transferable modes

Features of Besrey 7-in-1 Toddler Trike Bike

Adjustable steering handlebar

The 5-height adjustable (29.9"-40.6") steering push handle is ideal for parents and children to push and play with. The rear push handle is linked to the front wheel without steering delay.

Front Wheel with Clutch

The pedal is detachable, and the front wheel is equipped with a clutch device. When the clutch pedal is opened, the front wheel is not linked (which is convenient for children to rest their feet safely and leisurely). The pedal is linked to the front wheel when the clutch is closed.

The Height of Seat Adjustable

The seat height can be adjusted from 30 to 34 cm to meet different children's needs. It makes them more comfortable and enjoyable while riding!

High-quality Material

The body is sturdy with high-quality carbon steel and aviation aluminum profiles, and the soft foam handle improves children's experience.

Safe Riding:

  • The design features a stable triangular structure to prevent tipping.
  • A 42-degree steering angle prevents rolling.
  • Shock-absorbing material provides a smooth ride.

Applicable Scene

Your child could ride at home or indoors accompanied by you. Of course, it is OK to play outdoors. This tricycle is also perfect for parents to walk their babies on weekends or holidays. It is also very convenient to take a trip due to its portable and foldable design!

Where to Buy a Besrey Toddler Bike?

After reading so many introductions to the Besrey baby tricycles, are you a little confused about where to buy a suitable tricycle for the baby? First of all, thanks for your attention and recognition of Besrey. You can purchase it directly on the official website.

Besrey 7-in-1 toddler trike bike

Safety Precautions for Riding Toddler Tricycles

1. Pick the Right Fit

Bicycles and tricycles are inextricably linked to children's childhood happiness. Children will desire their tricycle when they reach a certain age. It would help if you first chose a safe and appropriate tricycle for babies to allow them to play safely.

Children cannot operate tricycles until about 3 years old, so buying a toddler tricycle with a parent handlebar is recommended. This is fine for your baby aged 1-3 years old.

Choosing a tricycle with a lower body and larger wheels is recommended, which is safer and less prone to rollover.

2. Protective Measures

Be sure to let your children wear safety helmets and protective gear, and pay attention to what they wear before each ride.

The fitting helmet: for a child-friendly helmet, only one finger could be handed into it between the chin and the lace.

Suitable protective gear: children are frequently pinched by the wheel, causing them to fall and get sprained and scratched when riding the tricycle. As a result, a set of protective gear must be prepared.

Please pay attention to dress: when riding a tricycle, it is best to wear sneakers rather than barefoot, slippers, sandals, etc.

3. Check the Condition of the Tricycle Regularly

Parents should regularly check the handlebars, axles, brakes, and other components and hear if the sound is typical. In addition, pay more attention to the seat height suitable for the child. The child's growth rate is rapid, and the height should be adjusted in time.

4. Control the Riding Time

Control the baby's riding time strictly and don't let the baby get too tired every time. It is recommended to ride for no more than 1 hour each time.

5. Safe Surroundings

The environment must be safe and used under adult supervision when your baby rides a tricycle. Be sure to remember to keep away from the fire. Practicing in an open field, in areas with many people and vehicles, and avoiding riding on steeper slopes is recommended. Never ride near streets, swimming pools, hills, steps, or sloped driveways.

6. Do not overload

Please do not load heavy goods on the tricycle; otherwise, the tricycle will be unstable and dangerous.

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