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What is the Best Toddler Scooter?

When your child turns 2 years old, he can ride a scooter. Best toddler scooters can exercise children's bodies, coordinate physical flexibility, and improve their reaction ability. Riding a toddler scooter with other kids is a new way of making friends, which also can practice their social abilities.

What is a Toddler Scooter?

A scooter is a small platform with two or more wheels that relies on the rider to pedal on the ground. Generally speaking, A toddler scooter includes a handlebar, extra handbrakes, back wheel brakes, lights, and a host of other features based on an ordinary scooter.

toddler scooter

Types of Toddler Scooters

Roughly classified, there are about 2 types of toddler scooters in the market, ordinary wheel scooters and wiggle scooters. An ordinary wheel scooter is divided into two, three, and four-wheel scooters. By comparison, the ordinary wheel scooter is more beneficial for practising kids' balance than the wiggle scooter, and the wiggle scooter is easier to learn than the ordinary scooter.

Ordinary Wheel Scooter

One foot put on the pedals. And the other foot pushes the ground to go forward. While stopping, step on the foot brake on the rear or front wheel. With respectively two-wheeled, three-wheeled scooters, and four-wheeled scooters, different styles have different wheel settings.

Wiggle Scooter

The driving force of the wiggle scooter mainly comes from the two rear wheels. The two rear wheels are set as a universal wheel structure. When moving, the two feet stand on the two pedals, respectively, and the two legs repeat the opening and closing movement to generate the driving force.

Should You Buy a Scooter for a Toddler?

There is no doubt that purchasing the best toddler scooter for your kids is necessary. Here are 6 main reasons you should buy a scooter for your kids.

  • Develop children's vestibular organs.
  • Develop the child's respiratory system and cardiovascular systems.
  • Exercise lower body and waist muscles.
  • Improve reaction speed.
  • Exercise flexibility and coordination.
  • Increase exercise and cultivate children's exercise habits.
  • Enhance communication between children and improve their social skills.
  • Make children confident and robust.

What to Consider When Buying Kids' Scooters?

The market is full of all kinds of children's scooter products, good and bad. You have browsed many websites but don't know which one to choose, even how to pick.

However, in any case, it's right to uphold the safety principle first when purchasing kids' products. Of course, some essential facts also need to be considered, such as look, colour, ease to use, appropriate age and weight, etc.

The Best Kids' Scooter

You can select the best scooter for your kids according to your needs. But, a good kids' scooter is durable, adjustable, lightweight, and, most importantly, safe. Here are a few tips if you still don't know what to look for when buying a scooter.

Vast and Strong Feet Deck

The width of the foot deck should be between 3.5 and 5 inches because wider footrests help toddlers comfortably accommodate little feet to maintain stability and balance while riding. And it is best to choose a flat non-slip pad on the foot deck to avoid slipping during riding.

Safety Foot Brake

The foot brake, also known as the rear fender brake, is located on top of the rear wheel and is a must-have safety feature. When purchasing in a physical store, you should step on your foot to check if the brakes are flexible and comfortable. If you buy online, you must check whether the brakes can commonly be used when you receive the goods.

Large and Soft Wheel

Choose a wheel with a larger size and a softer material so that its buffering effect will be more significant and much safer on minor grooves or uneven roads, ensuring that toddlers will not be hurt.

Adjustable Height

Children's bodies grow every day, and the height of the scooter may not be suitable for children. Therefore, choose a scooter that can adjust the height and easily adjust its position to suit children's play.

Steering System

Toddlers don't steer the handlebars; they lean in the direction to move the wheels and turn the scooter. So a lean-to steering system is more accessible for young children to keep balance to prevent falls due to sharp turns.

Fold Function

Do scooters take up much space? It is what a lot of parents will think. Choose a folding scooter. It can be folded up when children don't ride, save space, and is easy to carry.


Read the brand's age and weight guidelines to ensure the scooter is appropriate for your child's developmental stage.

Besrey Toddler Scooter

Besrey toddler scooter

Besrey's three-wheeled scooter is safe and stable, designed for toddlers 3-8 years old. A "lean-to-steer" mechanism can give new riders balance, build their confidence and improve their riding skills.

The toddler scooter has two large LED front wheels and a small LED rear wheel to keep children having more fun while riding safer in the dark and stimulating the children's athletic nature.

The kids' scooter has an expansive 12.6*5 inch non-slip deck to accommodate kids' little feet. The scooter weighs only 6 lbs but is strong enough to support 110 lbs. It folds up in seconds, and kids can play with it easily. Level 4 adjustable height adapts to the height of children of different ages, accompanying children to have a happy childhood!


You already know what the best toddler scooter is, and you also learn about how to select a good kick scooter for kids. In brief, the essential points are durability, lean-to steering system, flexible brakes, expansive feet deck, adjustable handlebar, and fold function.

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