What are the signs that a baby is starting to crawl, stand, or walk?
Crawling(8-12 Months)

What are the signs that a baby is starting to crawl, stand, or walk?

The process of a baby's growth is akin to a thrilling expedition, filled with achievements worth celebrating at every stage. Between the ages of 8 to 12 months, babies experience a series of exciting milestones, particularly the signs of crawling, standing, and walking. These milestones signify the beginning of their brave exploration into the wonders of the world.

Early Signs of Crawling:


Around the age of 8 months, you might notice your baby starting to wriggle on the floor, seemingly with the intent to move forward. They may use their arms and knees to push while supporting themselves on their belly. During this phase, babies might attempt various methods to move forward, occasionally even moving backward. This marks the start of their coordination of limb movements, preparing them for greater adventures.


Preliminary Signs of Standing:


As time progresses, at around 10 months, babies might exhibit signs of standing. They search for support, attempting to transition from a seated position to standing. During this stage, you might observe them trying to stand by holding onto the rails of their crib or pieces of furniture. Their leg muscles will gradually grow stronger, preparing them for future walking endeavors.

First Steps to Walking:


Around the age of 12 months, babies might take their first steps, embarking on the journey of walking. Initially, they might wobble and require support, but with time, they become more stable. You'll witness their excitement as they take steps, attempting to explore new places.


Adapting to Growing Needs:


As babies evolve in their growth, their sleeping and resting environments also need to adapt. It is during this phase that the 5-in-1 baby bedside crib becomes a valuable companion. It not only offers the comfort and safety babies require but also provides stimulation and fun for their exploration.

Versatile Design, Growing Alongside Babies:


This versatile crib seamlessly integrates a standalone bassinet, bedside crib, baby cradle, portable crib, and even a portable playard, catering to different stages of a baby's growth from birth to over a year old.


Portable Playard, Fostering Development:


As babies progress toward independence, the crib can easily transform into a portable playard. This environment encourages babies to explore within a secure range, and the 360° breathable mesh ensures optimal airflow and visibility, keeping babies contentedly engaged while close to you.


Supporting Development with Accessories:


The crib features a foldable mobile toy hanger, not only entertaining babies but also fostering their developmental growth. The hanging toys not only aid in enhancing hand-eye coordination but also provide comfort when needed.


Whether it's crawling, standing, or walking, the stages of a baby's growth are filled with joy and inspiration. The 5-in-1 baby bedside crib provides a secure, comfortable, and stimulating environment, aiding babies in achieving more milestones on their journey of growth. It's a wonderful way to give babies the best start, laying a solid foundation for their future adventures.


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