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How to Use a Baby Backpack Carrier?

If you're hiking with your baby or toddler, a baby backpack carrier is an essential piece of equipment for keeping both baby and parent happy on a long trail. But what do you need to know about a child carrier backpack, and how do you use a backpack carrier for babies?

Today, we answer these questions and look at a great option if you are considering buying one, as well as tips for using a baby backpack carrier. A baby hiking backpack isn't only useful for hiking and in many other ways. So read on to find out all about baby backpack carriers.

backpack carrier for babies

Do I Need a Baby Hiking Carrier?

Firstly, it's essential to look at how you would benefit from owning a baby backpack carrier. Baby backpack carriers aren't just for family hiking vacations. They are very versatile and helpful in other situations too.

If you hate pushing the stroller or are frequently taking your baby to places where a stroller isn't very convenient to take, a baby backpack carrier becomes even more helpful.

In addition to hiking, backpack carriers are great for day trips anywhere, such as zoos, aquariums, parks, picnics, and other similar scenarios. In essence, they are helpful in any situation where you need to keep your baby close at all times but need your hands free for other tasks.

A baby backpack carrier doesn't suit everyone, depending on a parent's lifestyle. Active parents will undoubtedly benefit from owning such an item, as they are a versatile option for taking a baby outdoors and on trips.

Don't have a baby backpack carrier yet? Read this article for a buying guide to the best baby hiking backpack.

What is the Best Baby Hiking Backpack?

Are Baby Backpack Carriers Safe?

The safest baby backpack carriers feature a 5-point safety harness that connects the shoulder straps with the crotch, torso, and hip, so always look for this when buying a backpack carrier for your baby.

The harness should fit snugly but not pull on the crotch area. In addition, make sure there is plenty of head and neck support. Overall, ensure your baby is comfortable and that areas such as the legs are not rubbing on any material, which may cause discomfort.

Another important consideration is your health. As a parent, ensure you are fit enough to carry the backpack carrier with your child in it. Use it for short periods at first. Don't go on an 8-hour hike carrying your child if you have never done that before.

Another essential consideration is footwear. Wear sturdy shoes that won't cause you to slip over, so avoid footwear like flip-flops. You must be sure-footed while carrying your baby on your back.

At What Age Can You Put a Baby in a Hiking Backpack?

A baby should be 6 months old to sit in a backpack carrier. An infant's spine must be developed well enough to support their neck and head without help. As for baby weight, backpack carriers are generally most suited to babies weighing 15-25kg (30-55lbs). The backpack's weight is usually around 2.5kg (5.5lbs). Some baby backpack carriers may accommodate heavier loads, making it difficult for you to carry them.

A Guide to Wearing a Baby Carrier Backpack

Before wearing a baby backpack carrier, it is a good idea to wear the backpack carrier without your baby in it to make the necessary adjustments to the straps and become familiar with its operation.

Before Putting Baby in the Carrier:

  • Open the rear stand of the frame and place the backpack carrier on a firm surface.
  • Loosen all the straps first, lift the carrier, and place it on your back over both shoulders like a regular backpack.
  • Clip the waist belt and adjust the strap to fit snugly over the hips.
  • Next, adjust the shoulder straps so that the back of the backpack is firmly pressing against your back and is sitting upright and vertical.
  • Clip the chest strap, and you are good to go.
  • Walk around for some time and lift your arms up and outwards. Ensure you still maintain a good amount of freedom of movement.
  • If necessary, make any additional adjustments to the straps.

We must stress that strap adjustment are made, and the wearer is comfortable with the backpack carrier before putting your baby or toddler in it. Trust us. It's much easier and safer for your baby if this is done beforehand. It's ok to make minor adjustments later, if necessary.

After all, adjustments have been made, and the wearer is happy with how the carrier is set up, you can now try it with your baby sitting in it.

With Baby in the Carrier:

  • Again, place the backpack carrier with the frame open on a flat, stable surface. Putting it on a table or elevated feeling is recommended, as this will make it easier to lift it up.
  • Sit your baby or toddler in the cockpit seat and gently lift their legs to ensure they are correctly and firmly seated.
  • Connect the 5-point safety harness and adjust straps as necessary. Ensure the straps firmly hold the child in place but are not restrictive.
  • Next, adjust the foot stirrups to support the legs. The foot stirrups' idea is to raise the legs and prevent the thighs from chaffing on the edge of the seat. If the legs are dangling, this may cause discomfort to the baby over time.
  • With the baby secure and comfortable in the cockpit seat, place both of your arms through the shoulder straps, connect the waist clip and chest strap, and slowly lift the backpack carrier.

If you and the baby are both comfortable, you are good to go. If further strap adjustments are needed, then it's a good idea to remove the baby before repeating the above steps.

Introducing the Besrey Baby Backpack Carrier

The Besrey baby backpack carrier is a feature-rich baby hiking carrier that offers excellent value in both price and quality. It is a backpack carrier with a lot to offer, providing an opportunity for you to have many happy days out with your little one.

Check out its features below, and click on the links to be taken to the product page, where you can learn more about it and read what other parents have to say about it in the reviews.

The Besrey baby backpack carrier features everything you would expect and more from a premium backpack carrier. Take a look at the below features:

Adjustable chest, belt, shoulder, and back strap - Offers superior comfort and ergonomics for the wearer

5-point safety harness - Keeps your toddler securely seated in the backpack carrier for total peace of mind

Wide shoulder straps - Helps spread the weight evenly over the upper body and back to reduce strain

The waist belt and chest strap with buckle - Firmly hold the baby backpack carrier to your body for confident carrying

Comfortable seat padding - Provides a comfortable seat for your little one, even after long periods

Foot stirrups - Prevent the legs from dangling for comfort and reducing chaffing

Waist storage compartment - Allows easy access to essentials that you need to grab quickly

Sunshade and rain curtain - Protects your little one against wind, rain, and sunshine

Drool Pad - Provides more padding in your baby leans forward and also collects and dribbles

Under-seat and side mesh storage - Conveniently store and access all the items you need on your trip

Collapsable and folding frame - When not in use, the backpack carrier can be folded for easier storing

Besrey baby backpack carrier

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