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What Are the Pros and Cons of Using a Baby Carrier?

Holding a baby can be tiring, but using baby carriers allows more parents to free their hands. They can interact with the baby while doing housework or working at home, which promotes bonding between parents and their child.

Carrying your baby with the forward facing baby carrier will broaden the baby's horizons and allow it to reach out to the people around them. However, the hip-seat baby carrier has its drawbacks.

Parents will feel exhausted after a long time carrying; it is not easy to untie, and it'll be cumbersome when encountering stairs and escalators. Moreover, product failure or incorrect use can cause safety hazards to the baby, so choosing and using it carefully is necessary.

hip-seat baby carrier

What is a Baby Carrier?

The baby carrier is designed to help you carry a baby by easing the pressure on your arms. It provides comfort and support to the baby and allows the parent or carer to keep their hands free to do other things.

How Long Can You Keep a Baby in a Baby Carrier?

The baby carrier working as a parenting helper is generally used in travel or when you're too busy to hold your baby. But it is recommended to use the baby carrier for no more than 2 hours each time.

If the baby carrier is used for a long time, it may compress the nerves and blood vessels of the baby's legs, increase the body temperature, cause dizziness due to shaking, spit up milk, etc.

To ensure your child's healthy growth, avoiding the long-time use of a baby carrier is better.

Pros of Baby Carriers


Carrying the baby can not only comfort the baby but also quickly relieve the busy hands of young parents, making life simple and easy.

Promote Bonding with the Baby

Carrying the child with you is very important for the child's neurological and emotional development, and the child needs close contact with the mother. It's a great way to make up for the regrets of having a limited time with your baby.

Promote Baby Sleep and Improve Sleep Quality

Studies have found that babies are most likely to fall asleep when carried and held on their backs. These give babies a sense of security and make them fall asleep quickly and sleep well.

Promote the Healthy Development of the Infant's Spine

The body posture taken in babyhood is essential in promoting the formation of the physiological curvature of the spine. When carrying a baby, the head-up motion promotes the formation of a neck curve.

Avoid Breathing Vehicle Exhaust

Scientific researches show that exhaust is mainly concentrated just 1m above the ground. If you put your baby in a stroller of low height and walk along the road, the baby will inhale the exhaust in the air. Using a baby carrier can prevent such situations, as its height exceeds the area where exhaust gases mainly collect.

Carry Your Baby to More Beautiful Places

Not just on streets or in parks. You can use it to take your child with you when hiking, to camp, or visit excellent scenic spots. Your little one can enjoy the beautiful scenery with you. While enjoying the activities with their parents, they took a natural rest when tired and woke up to have fun on their parents' backs.

Cons of Baby Carriers

Safety Hazards

Baby carriers can easily tilt a baby's neck downward, resulting in asphyxia because babies' necks are not strong enough to support their heads. There are also risks of spitting up milk, dizziness, and compression of limbs.

Causing Muscle Strain

Parents' hands are freed when using baby carriers, but moms especially could find it uncomfortable to hold a baby for a long time. A baby carrier may be hard on parents' backs, much like a sports or school backpack. Worse, it will increase the burden on the spine and shoulders of the parents, resulting in fatigue and even muscle damage for a long time.

Increasing Body Temperature

Body temperature can rise quickly in hot weather or environments with poor ventilation, making both parents and babies uncomfortable.

Restrict Actions

When encountering stairs and escalators, it is challenging to operate, and it is also very troublesome that you must go to the bathroom carrying your baby on your back.

Baby Carriers Safety Guide

Always pay attention to avoiding the risk of infant suffocation

  • Close enough to kiss distance
  • Baby's chin away from the chest
  • Make sure your baby's back supported
  • The usage time should be below 2 hours

Immediately remove your baby from the baby carrier if you notice:

  • Your baby's face is covered, or the chin is tucked in
  • The baby curled up in the fetal position
  • Your baby is grunting, wheezing, or breathing hard, fast, or whistling

How to Choose the Best Baby Carrier?

When choosing a baby carrier, you should consider versatility and ease of usage. Your choice of baby carrier should make you carry the little one close to your body, either on your side, in front, or on your back.

Check if the buckle carrier can be worn in the front to ensure that your baby has a clear view of the outside world. The baby carrier must also be lightweight enough to prevent you from developing a chronic backache when carrying the baby.

The Besrey baby carrier is designed for a baby who's beginning to explore. It offers comfort and ergonomics in an easy-to-use 6-position carrier. It features a cushioned hip seat design, two-way straps for front or backpack-style carrying, easy adjustment, and breathable mesh to provide comfort, support, and convenience for parents.

If you are interested in the baby carrier and want to know more about the Besrey baby carrier, you can click the store or browse directly on Amazon.


The baby carrier doesn't have to be an all-or-nothing decision. A baby carrier, when used correctly, can be a helpful tool for parents with a baby, whether it's a convenience for busy parents, an alternative to a stroller, or a way to enjoy keeping the baby close.

There are a variety of baby carriers available on the market. Some are fashionable, and every new mom will love to wear them. However, you should consider your and your baby's comfort before buying a baby carrier. The Besrey is one of the new parents' top picks.

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