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What is the Best Forward Facing Baby Carrier?

What is a Baby Carrier?

Baby carriers, baby slings, baby wraps and hip seat carriers are all different equipment that assists you in carrying your baby in various positions on your upper body, such as your chest, back or hip. Read on as we look at the best forward-facing baby carrier.

A baby carrier is a very versatile option and is especially useful when taking the stroller isn't convenient. They are great for day trips, such as zoos, aquariums, parks, picnics and other similar scenarios. A baby carrier can also be used at home when your baby needs to be held for long periods.

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Types of Baby Carriers

Many different types of baby carriers suit different needs and situations. There are four types of baby carriers, with many variations within those categories.


A long piece of material wraps around your shoulders and torso to create a space to carry your baby. Wraps are snug-fitting and are said to mimic the womb's feeling, thus particularly liked by newborns. The nature of a wrap carrier being one long piece of material means they are suited to any body type, but it may take some practice getting used to it.


A sling is a vast fabric that goes over one shoulder and across your midsection. Sling carriers are generally simple in construction, easy to use, and lightweight, making them good in hotter climates. However, as they only go over one shoulder, weight isn't distributed evenly over your body, and it may not be suitable for long periods of use.


Hybrid carriers are similar to soft-structured carriers and generally combine the best of the other types of pages into one. Hybrids may be the most versatile option if you need a carrier suited to various uses. They are liked because they are easy to use and comfortable to wear.

Soft-structured Carrier

Soft-structured carriers, or SSCs, are generally the most common type of baby carrier. They can be worn in multiple positions, such as the back, chest or hip. They feature adjustable straps worn on the shoulders and a padded space where the baby sits. Designed with support, many SSCs can typically be used in toddlerhood but may not be suited for very young babies and newborns.

Hard-structured carrier

A hard-structured carrier is a large carrier with a metal frame that supports a 'cockpit' seat. They are often known as hiking or backpack carriers and are well-suited for day trips, long hikes and vacations.

They are suited to larger babies and toddlers and can only be used with a child that can support their neck without assistance. This carrier usually features a lot of storage space but can be bulky and takes up more space when storing.

Do I Need a Baby Carrier?

Ultimately, the purpose of a baby carrier is so that you don't have to hold your baby with your arms. This is a lifesaver for most parents, and keeping your baby close while freeing both hands is invaluable. All experienced parents can attest to times when they felt like their arms would fall off from holding their baby for long periods.

So while not an essential piece of kit, it is undoubtedly beneficial. Many parents claim the baby carrier to be their favourite baby item because of its versatility and help.

When Can a Baby Face Outwards in a Carrier?

In general, once a baby can support their head and neck is the time they can sit facing outwards in a baby carrier. This is usually at around 4-6 months. Sitting facing outwards is a great way to give your baby a new perspective of the world, although some younger babies may prefer the cosiness of facing inwards until a little older.

How Do You Choose the Best Forward-facing Baby Carrier?

It's essential to pay attention to the support and ergonomics that a forward-facing carrier offers. Rarely is facing outwards as comfortable for both you and baby as facing inwards. So if you plan on frequently using a page in the outwards facing position or for long periods, getting one that offers the proper ergonomic support for both wearer and baby is essential.

Hip support is a particular concern for many parents. It is essential that the legs are well-supported and not allowed to dangle down straight. This will be more comfortable for your baby and ensure their hips are held in a better position for healthy development.

The latest baby carrier from Besrey is the perfect hip seat carrier. We say excellent because it is an optimal baby carrier for both baby and parent. It's an 'all-in-one' carrier featuring multiple sitting positions, making it versatile. This ergonomic carrier emphasises hip and leg support to maintain the healthy development of your baby. Overall it is safe, soft, comfortable, and supportive.

What does the Besrey Hip Seat Baby Carrier offer:

- Hands-Free Comfort: This Hip Seat Baby Carrier from Besrey allows you to move around freely while keeping your little one close. A versatile way to carry your baby and explore the world with them, both comfortably and ergonomically.

- Hip Seat Design: The baby is comfortably seated on the wide cushioned seat with hips well-supported. It provides a convenient way to get your baby in and out in an instant quickly.

- All-in-One Carrier: This baby carrier combines all essential features in one lightweight page that features 6 ergonomic positions for 360-degree carrying, including front-facing in or out, hip and back carrying.

- Customized Fit: A toddler carrier that redefines comfort by stretching and shaping to fit daddy and mommy for continual ergonomic support as your baby grows, with adjustable padded shoulder straps and waist belt.

- Unparalleled Softness: Designed with soft, supportive, and breathable mesh that covers the entire carrier, it provides superior airflow, so both parents and baby stay relaxed and comfortable while lightweight, sturdy safety buckles and straps hold the baby securely. Suits toddlers up to 33 lbs.

- Easy-access Pockets - For quick and easy access to baby accessories and items such as phones, keys, credit cards, etc.

- Safe: Made from chemical-free materials, it meets or exceeds all relevant global safety standards.

Besrey baby carrier


Babywearing is a great bonding experience for both baby and parent. A comfortable and safe baby carrier will likely be an essential item that you will find extremely useful during parenthood. It's a great way to explore the world with your little one or keep them cosy and close when they need it.


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