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The Best Outdoor Gifts for Toddlers 2022

Which outdoor gift for toddlers is the best and can help them play better and improve their motor skills in 2022? Outdoor play provides more opportunities for motor skills, such as running, climbing, kicking, and throwing, which are not feasible in most indoor settings.

outdoor gift for kids

The Benefits of Outdoor Gifts for Children

Physical Development

  1. Exercise your motor skills. Outdoors, they can play catch, crawl under bushes, climb trees, ride bikes and so on. These activities are more likely to move in ways that challenge their muscles, bones, and physical endurance.
  1. Lower body mass index. Children who play outside a lot are more energetic than sedentary children. They stay active outside and burn calories, making them less likely to become obese.
  1. Overall health.Outdoor play can help children get the amount of vitamin D, which is significant for kids to build strong, healthy bones and teeth.
  1. Improve muscle strength. For example, when children learn to follow the movement of a swing, they use all their muscles to support and sit up, encouraging young children to develop muscles.

Emotional development

  1. Engage children's senses. Children who often play outdoors experience sensory involvement through exploration, such as vision, hearing, smell, touch, etc. These exposures help kids familiarize themselves with various sensory inputs and learn how to process that information better.
  1. Cultivate independence. Children in the park have the opportunity to explore and experiment on their own without constant parental supervision.
  1. Learn self-reflection.In the unstructured outdoor play, children can take risks and try new things. They experience and self-reflect on various emotions in response to their failures and successes.
  1. Build confidence and inner motivation. Many outdoor and playtime experiences can teach children to overcome fear and stress, which can also help them in later life and study.

Intellectual Development

  1. Promote brain development.In unstructured outdoor play, children learn to solve problems, create fictional worlds and turn ideas into reality through individual and cooperative play.
  1. Improve interpersonal skills.Outdoors, children often meet other children, and they can learn how to form true friendships together.
  1. Expand the learning space. For example, when kids keep score in a game, they increase their ability to count and understand the relationship between numbers as the score increases.
  1. Be curious and explore. Children can spend more time outdoors in nature, being exposed to new sights, sounds and smells.

These Outdoor Gifts Are Great Choices

The above has listed so many benefits of outdoor games. Now, let's talk about what outdoor gifts are great for choosing for children.

Toddler Tricycle

Besrey 5-in-1 toddler tricycle

Toddler tricycles with one mode are appropriate for children aged two and up. You can also choose a tricycle for kids with various modes such as balance bike, tricycle, bicycle, push tricycle, etc.

This style is for wider age. Even children as young as 4 months can ride a balance bike under the guidance of their parents. Tricycles are rather stable than regular two-wheeled bikes.

It ensures kids' safety greatly. For example, riding a tricycle can effectively improve a child's balance and coordination. It also helps hone various motor skills greatly and improves hand-eye coordination. When the child learns to get on and off the tricycle easily, the child's physical coordination also improves.

Teepee Tent for Kids

tent for toddlers

The teepee tent for kids can be their refuge where they feel safe, adventurous and in control. They can freely fire up their imagination and enjoy their own independent space, whether they stay in it to organize their stuffed animals in their way or hold secret office meetings with their friends. That's all great.

Toddler Scooter

toddler scooter

Children can learn to use their legs and arms independently by riding their scooters. Perfect cooperation: pushing off the ground with their feet and controlling direction forward with their hands improves their motor skills and coordination. Children with good muscle and fine motor skills are more confident than their peers, contributing to personality development and good habits.

  • Boost movement and muscle development
  • Enhance balance and coordination
  • Sharpen motor skills
  • Helps kids foster emotional, cognitive, and social habits

A Sand Toy

sand toy

Sand toys generally include a shovel, sifter, castle mould, bucket, sand wheel and sand playset. Sand playing is especially good for developing a child's sense of texture. Besides, playing with sand toys is great for children to develop motor skills, build eye-hand coordination and strengthen muscles. When a child learns how to hold a shovel properly, he exercises fine motor skills. Also, his gross motor skills are honed when he tries to lift a bucket full of sand.

Last and honestly, whether it's from developing children's motor skills, maintaining their health, or cultivating good habits, come and select the best outdoor gift accompanying his growth for your kids.

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