Our Mission

At besrey, we are committed to providing parents with thoughtfully
designed products built to the highest standards. In addition to
offering heartfelt service, we care about your baby's safe and healthy
growth, as well as understanding the stress of being a new parent.

Our Responsibility

Your child's safety is always our primary focus, and we have rigorous
methods to ensure we source only the best available materials for our
products. In addition, we constantly test our products, so we know they
comply with the strictest criteria. We're constantly monitoring and
adjusting the manufacturing process based on customers' feedback and
changes to safety regulations. Children are society's future, and we
take great pride in knowing we are playing our part in their first
footing in life.

Besrey Story

Mirabelle is a skilled product engineer and once was a new mom. 

One day, Mirabelle jogged in the park carrying her baby with a newly purchased stroller. Suddenly, the stroller's left frame broke apart, and the baby fell and suffered a hand injury. A subsequent inspection revealed that the stroller had a flawed structure that could easily break even by a slight bounce. 

Mirabelle was so outraged. Mirabelle checked the market research report to find out the truth and discovered that the risk of the baby falling from the stroller is as high as 51%. It's because most strollers were produced with an unstable structure that can be easily damaged and broken. Mirabelle was determined to use her expertise to design baby products "based on each of us responding yes," and "Besrey" was founded.

Mirabelle built an R&D team quickly. The team developed the first stroller that was lightweight and solid in structure which would not break even if loaded with 27kg and hit a bump 72000 times. However, because it is uncomfortable to ride, this type of safe stroller did not sell well after its release. Mirabelle recognized the problem. Sooner she invited Dr. Erick Sebastian, a doctor of osteopathy, together with a competent team to join Besrey. Dr. Erick Sebastian and his team helped Besrey enhance the comfort of the stroller. They optimized the structure and the cabin shape to the most comfortable size. As a result, the upgraded stroller was quickly sold out once it was launched.

Besrey has always devoted attention to detail adhering to its commitment to safety and quality. Every product released by Besrey has to pass 1000+ rigorous tests in top international labs. Compared to other brands, Besrey's products are safe and reliable, with superior materials which are soft, skin-friendly, and non-toxic. With these unique advantages, the Besrey brand has gained parents' trust and is growing. In 130+ countries and regions worldwide, Besrey now offers baby products in 6 categories: sleeping beds, outdoor equipment, nursing tools, safety and protection gear, health care devices, and educational toys.

Besrey, with the heart of loving children like parents, is dedicated to helping millions of parents worldwide solve their parenting problems because every baby is a miracle born with love.

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