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What Are the Benefits of Rocking Your Baby to Sleep?

Every newborn's parent knows how challenging it can be to get a baby to sleep, especially during the day. They try different ways to get their babies to sleep, like holding and rocking them in their arms but are rarely successful in their efforts.

Plus, many don't have much time to soothe their baby to sleep. There are many parenting products, such as baby cradles, bedside bassinets, cribs, and more. But when it comes to the best sleeping bed for babies, nothing beats the comfort of a mother's womb.

If you want your baby to sleep well, you can put them in a place where they can feel like they are sleeping in their mother's womb. A warm, soft, and gently-rocking cradle is indeed the best option. It is convenient for the parent and comfortable for the baby.

Besrey baby cradle

Is Rocking Your Baby Good for Them to Fall Asleep?

Yes, it works! People rocked babies to help them fall asleep long before the lullaby 'Rock-a-Bye Baby' shot to popularity in the late 1800s. Parents have been rocking their babies to sleep for generations.

A newborn has been rocking around in the womb for 9 months, so it makes sense that a rocking motion would be soothing and enjoyable to a baby. Not only does rocking promote sleep initiation, but studies suggest it can also improve sleep quality.

Do Babies Need a Rocking Baby Cradle?

A rocking baby cradle is not essential, but it is convenient for you and ultimately will support a night of more restful sleep for you and your baby. A rocking cradle is a right option for babies to sleep; you can quickly move it and place it near your bed.

Moreover, rocking baby cradles are small and portable and easy to soothe babies to sleep. According to the CDC, babies should share the same room with their parents. To be honest, it's a personal preference. It's entirely up to you and do what is best for you and your budget.

What Are the Benefits of a Rocking Baby Bassinet?

The essence of a rocking baby bassinet is to provide soothing relief for babies to facilitate the sleeping process. Besides helping the baby sleep, it also improves sleep quality. The rocking motion of a rocking bassinet causes the brain to synchronize.

When the brain syncs with the rocking, it is easy to fall asleep naturally. Moreover, a rocking baby bassinet provides parents comfort and saves moms from pain and pressure.

Rocking a baby without any device, you will feel pain in your back, arms, and pelvic region. Also, you may injure your healing belly if you rock your precious one while standing.

Therefore, a rocking baby bassinet plays an important role in parenting as it helps to make things better for babies and parents.

  • Soothe your baby to sleep or stay calm.
  • Compact and portable, keep your little one close for those daytime naps, and night-time feeds.
  • Space saving compared with a bedside crib or cot.
  • Easy to travel with it.

If your baby prefers gently rocked to sleep, here's a great option. The gentle side-to-side rocking motion of the Besrey 2-in-1 portable baby bassinet cradle is a soothing and secure way for a baby to fall asleep.

Besrey 2-in-1 portable baby bassinet cradle

Built-in rocking feet gently sway the bassinet to soothe your baby to sleep and can be transformed into static mode once your baby is asleep. Moreover, mesh panels around the bassinet help improve airflow to keep your baby comfortable and help you watch while they sleep.

For convenience, the Besrey rocking bassinet also features a large storage basket to keep the baby's necessities close at hand. Thanks to its folded design, you can easily transport the bassinet in your car trunk or store it in a closet when not in use. Gently rock your baby to sleep at home or on the go with the rocking cradle bed from Besrey.

When Should I Stop Rocking My Baby?

There is no right answer to when you should stop rocking a baby to sleep. Families could make their own decision based on what feels best for babies. Generally speaking, it's recommended that parents should stop rocking a baby to sleep once the baby begins learning how to sleep through the night. The 6-month mark is usually a good time to break the habit, but every baby is different.

Safety Tips for Using a Baby Bassinet in Rockable Mode

With a newborn baby, it's an instinct for parents to keep their baby close. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends room sharing with your newborn for at least the first 6 months and up to 1 year. It provides a sense of comfort and peace of mind and can reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. 

For most parents, a baby bassinet is a perfect way to keep their newborn comfortably in the room. Therefore, parents need to ensure they know the bassinet safety standards and how to use a baby bassinet in rockabilly mode safely.

  1. Make sure you always follow the manufacturer's assembly instructions.
  2. Check the product guidelines to ensure that the baby bassinet is appropriate for your baby's age and size.
  3. Never use pillows, bumpers, or folded quilts in the baby bassinet.
  4. Avoid using any decorative bows and ribbons on your baby bassinet.
  5. Regularly check that the screws and bolts of a baby bassinet are tight to avoid accidental collapse.
  6. The gaps between the slats at the bassinet's side should always be less than 60 mm.
  7. Never leave your baby to sleep in the baby bassinet on a slope.
  8. The shaking amplitude should not be too large, nor should the frequency should not be too fast.
  9. When babies spit up, avoid shaking them.
  10. Don't move the baby bassinet with a baby inside.

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