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How to Move Your Baby From a Bedside Crib to a Toddler Bed?

Once your baby has reached toddler age, you will no doubt begin to wonder when they should leave their crib and move to a toddler bed.

This situation is typically done between the years two and three. It may be that your baby outgrows their crib as the main reason to move them or because they start to become restless in the crib.

Indeed, some families move their toddlers to a real bed simply because the crib is needed for a new arrival. Your toddler must be emotionally ready to transfer to a bed, and there is no rush to move them if they are happy in their crib.

a bedside crib to a toddler bed

When Should a Baby Be Transferred from a Crib to a Toddler Bed?

Many things will influence the right time to move your toddler to a bed, depending on the toddler. As mentioned above, it's only a good time to move them to a bed when they are ready emotionally. The situation is dependent on your toddler's mental development, and children under three may find it challenging to stay in bed.

It's a good idea to pay attention to kids' maturity and ability to transition, rather than just moving them to a bed because they have reached a certain age. Over time, they may have become attached to their crib and its security, so that the transition period may take time.

The reason why maturity is necessary is that a lot of whether moving your toddler to a bed will be successful or not depends a lot on their ability to follow instructions.

That is why it usually isn't recommended to move a toddler to a bed until they reach the age of three. But if they are ready before this age, there is no reason you cannot move them to a bed before three years.

Indeed, if your child can climb over the crib's rail or the top of the fence is less than three-quarters of the child's height, it's time to move them to a bed.

How to Transition from a Crib to a Toddler Bed?

Talking to your child before transitioning them to a bed is essential. They need to know what to expect and what is expected from them, i.e., staying in bed the whole night until morning. It will also be easier if they are already potty-trained.

  • Get the timing right—As explained above, it's down to you to decide when your toddler is mentally and emotionally ready for the switch to a bed.
  • Consider using a crib that converts to a toddler bed—Some cribs convert to a toddler bed, and your child may accept this method as it might seem less drastic.
  • Talk to your child—Explain that this is what other children do at their age, and they will have their bed for 'big' kids.
  • Get your toddler excited about it—Make it a special occasion and let them choose their bedsheets or customize the bed in their way.
  • Keep the bedtime routine the same as when they slept in a crib—If possible, keep the bed in the same place the crib was in and maintain the same bedtime routine as when they were sleeping in the crib.
  • Be firm about what is expected—Your child may be unable to resist the urge to get out of bed, or they may constantly make last-minute requests. Be firm about rules, and that means bedtime is bedtime.

Toddler Bed Safety Tips and Guidelines

  1. Choose a reasonably firm mattress to support your child's spine.
  2. Keep the bed away from walls to reduce suffocation or trapping risk.
  3. Use bed rails to stop your child from falling out of bed.
  4. For toddlers under two years of age, keep pillows out of bed. Just as in the crib, pillows are a suffocation risk for small children. For children over two, use a pillow in line with their neck (about 5-6cm high).
  5. Make sure there are no gaps between the bed frame/rails and the mattress. The mattress should fit snugly in the bed. If there are gaps, a mattress on the floor is a safer option until your child is older.
  6. Avoid having heavy blankets or quilts in the bed. You could use a child's onesie to keep them warm. Keep the area on and around the bed or mattress clear of anything that could be a suffocation hazard.

How to Choose a Toddler Bed for Your Child?

Start with a toddler bed rather than a full-size bed. Toddler beds are usually just a little bit bigger than cribs, and as mentioned previously, some cots even convert to toddler beds. If you're concerned about your child falling out of bed, consider using the mattress on the floor.

If not using a dedicated toddler bed, use a single bed with appropriate rail guards fitted to prevent your little one from falling out of bed, and always be sure the mattress is the correct size for the bed used with no gaps between the bed frame and the mattress.

The Besrey bedside bassinet is the perfect sleeping product for your toddler before transitioning to a real bed. This premium bedside sleeper is fully compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, and CCPSA safety standards, and all materials are 100% safe and non-toxic.

Some of the features of the Besrey Bedside Sleeper include:

  • 3D vertical upright cotton mattress to protect baby's spine
  • Premium woven cotton soft-touch fabric which exceeds ASTM standards
  • Light smooth-lined soft padding and breathable mesh
  • Zip-up mosquito net and shade canopy
  • 9 adjustable height levels
  • Securing straps and anchor plate
  • Ample underneath storage for baby essentials

The Besrey Bedside Sleeper is Safe for Your Toddler

  • Fully compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, and CCPSA safety standards
  • All sourced materials are checked and tested to ensure they are 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Extendable horizontal feet make it nearly impossible to tip over
  • Crib guardrail to prevent falls
bedside bassinet

In addition to the above points, the Besrey Bedside Sleeper also features 360° swivel casters with brakes that make it easy to reposition or move from room to room.

At the same time, spacious underneath storage allows you to keep all your baby's sleeping essentials nearby. Furthermore, no tools are required for assembly, and the fabric is removable and washable.


In conclusion, there is no right or wrong time to transition your child to a toddler bed, but they should be ready in the ways described in this article. It may take patience, but this is a big step in your child's development, so it's worth getting it right.

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