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How Long Can Babies Sleep in a Bedside Crib?

What is a Bedside Crib?

Sometimes also called a co-sleeper, a bedside crib is generally like a more extensive and sturdier bassinet, with one side open or folded down. Bedside cribs are usually height adjustable and are placed next to the parent's bed so that the parent can easily tend to the infant at night. Bedside sleepers recommend separate sleeping spaces while keeping your baby within arm's reach.

bedside sleeper bassinet

At What Age is It Safe for a Baby to Sleep in a Bedside Crib?

The good thing about a bedside sleeper crib is that it's safe for a baby to sleep in from a newborn and can be used until they are about 3 years old, when most children will transition to a bed. With this said. However, many parents choose to use a bassinet for the first few months of a newborn's life and then transition to a crib or bedside sleeper.

One reason is that bassinets are more versatile when a baby is tiny. It's easier to get the baby in/out, and bassinets are smaller and easier to move around. Another reason is that a newborn may feel more comfortable in a bassinet than in the overwhelming space of a giant crib. If a bassinet is used from newborn, then generally, the ideal time to transition your little one to a crib is about 3-4 months.

How Long Can Babies Sleep in a Bedside Crib?

As mentioned above, the period for a child using a crib is about 3 months to 3 years. But various factors will influence this. It will vary from toddler to toddler, but it has much to do with their mental development. Children under 3 years may find the concept of 'staying in bed' difficult, so the right time to transition a child from a crib to a real bed will depend on their maturity rather than their actual age. Also, a child may be 'attached' to their crib and its security and may be reluctant to sleep in a bed. Again, this has a lot to do with their mental maturity.

When Can I Move My Baby from Crib to Bed?

The age at which a toddler can move to a bed largely depends upon their development and ability to follow instructions. Transitioning a toddler under 3 years to a regular mattress is not usually recommended. If your child is well-prepared, such as potty-trained, it will make the transition easier.

Talking to your child before transitioning them to a bed is essential. They need to know what to expect and what is expected from them, i.e., staying in bed the whole night until morning.

Can Newborns Sleep in a Crib?

The short answer to this question is yes. Newborns can sleep in a crib. However, as mentioned above, many parents choose to use a bassinet for the first few months for the various reasons already outlined.

Crib Safety Tips and Advice

Various safety advice should be followed for babies sleeping in cribs. Most of this advice aims to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The American Society of Pediatrics recommends the following:

- Nothing loose in the sleeping area, including bedding, stuffed animals, or the infant's clothing.

- Always lay the baby down to sleep in their crib or bassinet on their backs, never face-down or sideways.

- Do not use sleep positioners or any other type of sleeping aide.

- No bed-sharing or holding the baby sleeping in any other position, such as in a chair.

- No crib bumpers.

- Room-share with the baby until at least 6 months of age.

In addition, it is recommended for the first 6 months of a baby's life to sleep in the same room as the parent, but in a separate sleeping space. The Besrey bedside sleeper promotes the recommendation of different sleeping spaces while keeping the baby within arm's reach.

A High-quality Bedside Crib - Besrey bedside crib

What Are the Top Features of the Besrey Bedside Sleeper?

  • Durable steel-alloy frame with extendable feet
  • Coated non-toxic teak wood finish
  • 3D vertical upright cotton mattress
  • Premium woven cotton soft-touch fabric which exceeds ASTM standards
  • Light, smooth-lined soft padding and breathable mesh
  • Zip-up mosquito net and shade canopy
  • 9 adjustable height levels
  • Securing straps and anchor plate
Besrey bedside crib

The mattress used in the Besrey Bedside Sleeper is a vertical upright cotton mattress. The benefit of this is that it provides support and a comfortable sleeping area, protecting your baby's spine as it develops.

For any baby product, safety, of course, plays a big part in the design. With this in mind, everything has been thought out and no feature overlooked—something which forms the core of product design at Besrey.

Why is the Besrey Bedside Sleeper Safe for Your Newborn?

  • Fully compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, and CCPSA safety standards
  • All sourced materials are checked and tested to ensure they are 100% safe and non-toxic
  • Extendable horizontal feet make it nearly impossible to tip over
  • Crib guardrail to prevent falls

In addition to the above points, the Besrey Bedside Sleeper also features 360° swivel casters with brakes that make it easy to reposition or move from room to room. At the same time, spacious underneath storage allows you to keep all your baby's sleeping essentials nearby. Furthermore, no tools are required for assembly, and the fabric is removable and washable.

Where Can You Buy the Besrey Bedside Sleeper?

The Besrey Bedside Sleeper is available to buy directly from Besrey.

Stay tuned to Besrey for more product news, helpful tips, and exclusive discounts on baby and toddler products, all designed by people who care!


Whether you choose a crib from the get-go or opt for a bassinet for the first few months of your baby's life, it is an item that is needed from day one. The most important thing is that you choose one that meets or exceeds all current safety standards and allows for following safe-sleep guidelines.

As long as you have a safe, modern product for your baby to sleep in and follow the recommended guidelines, you can rest easy knowing you have done your best for your baby's sleep.

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But can I move it from my bed to the separate room at some point? And just stop using side-opening? If yes, I find it attractive since I’m not thinking about room sharing for more than needed. At least now I think so… 2 weeks due date and 3 sleep training book read (this is my favorite: https://www.parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training).


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