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Buying Guide for the Best Bedside Crib in 2022

Welcome to this Besrey blog post about the best bedside bassinet for your baby. Read on to find out how to get the best baby bedside sleeper, which may be your best choice among cribs next to the bed.

the best bedside crib

What is a Bedside Crib?

A bedside crib, or co-sleeper as they are sometimes called, is a type of crib intended to be used next to the parent's bed. It secures the adult mattress with one side that drops down to allow easy access to your little one from your bed. 

It is the ideal way of keeping your baby close by while still allowing them to sleep in a separate bed. For anxious parents of newborns, this type of sleeping product may be your best choice when starting as a new parent. You and your baby get your own sleeping space, but they are still there, right by your side.

Benefits of a Bedside Crib

A benefit of a bedside crib is that it is generally a bit larger than a bassinet. It also allows you to keep your baby at your bedside, giving you the comfort that your baby is nearby and the convenience of tending to them when they need you. Co-sleepers are usually on lockable casters, making moving them around a room or other rooms easier than cribs or bassinets, which often need to be lifted. 

They are also fairly versatile as they can be used independently as a crib and placed anywhere when not used in the co-sleeping setup. In addition, there is often storage space underneath for you to keep all the sleeping essentials on hand.

Are Bedside Cribs Safe?

Bedside cribs are safe as long as you choose one suitable for your needs and meets all current regulations for sale in the US. The most important thing is that the bedside crib is securely attached to the parent's bed and sits flush with the mattress, with no gap between the crib and the parent's bed. 

In general, bedside cribs come with straps to allow for a secure fitting to the main bed. They also must be height adjustable so that the crib height can match the mattress height.

Another important thing is always following a manufacturer's guidelines and warnings for safe use of their particular bedside crib and always reading the instruction user manual.

The bedside crib below should only be considered if it can be used as a standalone crib and not a bedside sleeper.

Although the above crib looks cute, it may not be safe, as the mattress cannot sit flush with the adult bed, leaving a gap which the baby may fall into. It also doesn't appear height-adjustable, meaning there is a height difference between the two mattresses.

Points to Consider when Choosing a Bedside Crib

Below are some essential points to think over when choosing your bedside sleeper.

Safety: Aside from ensuring the crib meets relevant consumer safety standards, you should ensure that the bedside crib can fit securely to your current bed mattress. Most co-sleeper bed injuries occur from babies slipping between cribs and mattresses.

Convenience: Bedside cribs do take up a fair amount of space, so you will need to make sure you have enough space around your current bedside to fit it in. In addition, you may need to move it regularly, so make sure it quickly moves. 

Sturdiness: This also falls in line with safety. Many besides cribs and co-sleepers have different bases. Choose one that has extending feet at the bottom so that you feel confident using it.

Height: Always be sure that the sleeper's height adjustment range matches your mattress.

Ease of cleaning: As all parents know too well, babies are messy creatures. Bedside cribs with flat smooth sides are easier to clean than ones with fancy trims and exteriors. Surfaces should be easy to wipe down.

the types of bedside crib

Best Bedside Crib in 2022

The latest creation from the Besrey design team, this ASTM-compliant bedside sleeper and baby crib will keep your little one safe by your side within arm's reach, providing long-lasting and peaceful nights for both parent and baby. It can accommodate babies from newborn up to six months and can be used as a co-sleeper or a standalone crib.

This top-of-the-line Bedside Sleeper is made from premium, non-toxic materials, 100% safe, and compliant with or exceeds all relevant safety standards for such a product in the USA.

The Besrey bedside sleeper has to perform its function superbly, making the product practical. It allows parents to get the best out of its intended purpose and ultimately gives you peace of mind that your little one has a safe, cosy place to sleep.

Read on to look at some of the reasons that make the Besrey Bedside Sleeper stand out among the competition and why owning one will reap plenty of benefits.

Besrey bedside sleeper

What Are the Top Features of the Besrey Bedside Sleeper?

➢ Durable steel-alloy frame with extendable feet

➢ Coated non-toxic teak wood finish

➢ 3D vertical upright cotton mattress 

➢ Premium woven cotton soft-touch fabric which exceeds ASTM standards

➢ Light smooth-lined soft padding and breathable mesh

➢ Zip-up mosquito net and shade canopy

➢ Nine adjustable height levels

➢ Securing straps and anchor plate

➢ Ample underneath storage

Besrey bedside crib



The mattress used in the Besrey Bedside Sleeper is a vertical upright cotton mattress. The benefit of this is that it provides even support and a comfortable sleeping area, protecting your baby's spine as it develops.

For any baby product, safety, of course, plays a big part in the design. With this in mind, everything has been thought out and no feature overlooked—something which forms the core of product design at Besrey.

Is the Besrey Bedside Sleeper Safe for Your Newborn? Yes!

➢ Fully compliant with ASTM, CPSIA, and CCPSA safety standards

➢ All sourced materials are checked and tested to ensure they are 100% safe and non-toxic

➢ Extendable horizontal feet make it nearly impossible to tip over

➢ Crib guardrail to prevent falls

In addition to the above points, the Besrey bedside sleeper also features 360° swivel casters with brakes that make it easy to reposition or move from room to room. At the same time, spacious underneath storage allows you to keep all your baby's sleeping essentials nearby. Furthermore, no tools are required for assembly, and the fabric is removable and washable.

Where Can You Buy the Besrey Bedside Sleeper?

The Besrey bedside sleeper is available to buy now directly on our website. 

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