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A Complete Guide for Parents to Choosing the Best Baby Stroller

When it comes to purchasing everything you need before your newborn makes their grand arrival, a stroller is a must-have item that'll be top of the list for many new parents-to-be. Choosing the best baby stroller may be difficult with the vast choice. This, along with the plethora of types available, choosing the best affordable stroller may not be as easy as it sounds.

Fear not, because Besrey is on-hand to guide you through the process and explain the different options and advise on what stroller might be best for you. Here are the things you will likely, or should consider before buying a stroller.

the best baby stroller

Do I need a baby stroller?

A stroller is generally considered a must-have item if you have a baby on the way. It is probably next on the items you want to buy after a crib. If you plan to take your baby outside once they reach the age that a baby can safely sit in a stroller, yes, a stroller is needed and recommended. Read on to learn more about how you can choose the best baby stroller.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Baby Stroller?

Your lifestyle is the most critical factor when deciding what stroller to buy because there are so many choices. Your stroller must meet the needs of your lifestyle, so think carefully about this. Are you an apartment-dwelling city family that'll need a street-wise stroller or a suburban family that'll be in and out of the car half a dozen times a day?

What kind of space do you have in your home for storage? Will you need to fold the stroller frequently? Will you be travelling on public transport? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before considering which kind of stroller might be best.

Cost -- Next up is cost. Once you have decided what type of stroller best suits your needs, you can consider your budget. It may be the other way round, in that what kind of stroller you get is dictated by your budget, but try to find a compromise rather than just considering the cost.

You'll probably be glad you did later on. Strollers are available from the tens of dollars right up to the thousands and everything else. The most expensive strollers aren't always the best (see below), but you'll usually get better features that may make using them more accessible.

Wheel, wheels, wheels -- No matter what type of stroller you are buying, pay close attention to the wheels. If you're shopping in an actual store, ask for advice on this. If you're shopping for a stroller online, look at the reviews and check for any mention of wheel issues.

You will be pushing this thing everywhere, so the wheels and wheel bearings are essential. A stroller with wheel issues is rendered useless or very hard to use. A manufacturer can craft the perfect stroller, but if it's not on good wheels, it won't last.

Family size -- If you plan on having another baby in quick succession to the first (within three years), you might want to consider getting a stroller that converts to a double for the convenience of transporting both around in one stroller.

Key stroller features -- Not all strollers are suitable for newborns, so you need to consider the type of stroller if you will use it from day one. A stroller for a newborn needs a seatback that can fully recline flat or features an approved accessory to support a newborn.

Other features to consider in a stroller are easy folding, washable fabric, storage space, sun canopy and peekaboo window, cup holders, and rain cover.

So after considering the above points, what types of strollers are there for you to choose from?

There are generally five stroller types: all-purpose, lightweight, jogging, a double stroller, and travel systems. So let's take a look at the types of stroller available.

baby stroller

Types of baby strollers

All-purpose Stroller

Known as an everyday or full-size stroller, this type is the most common and is generally helpful for most everyday tasks, such as a walk around the park or a trip to the shopping mall. They typically combine the best features, like a smooth ride, reclining seat, and storage basket.

They may be on the bulkier side and require more folding effort than a lightweight or travel stroller. Prices vary from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars, and higher-end models may feature seats that can change direction.

Lightweight Stroller

These strollers come under the same category as travel strollers and, as the name suggests, weigh less than an all-purpose stroller. This type folds up with a slim profile, so they are sometimes called umbrella strollers. They're typically easier to lift in and out of a car trunk or take on public transport, and some may even fit inside overhead storage bins on aircraft. Again, prices vary greatly, so shop around for one in your budget range.

Jogging Stroller

As the name implies, these are, of course, intended for jogging with your little one. But they are not only for that; these strollers are great for more rugged or uneven terrain. Larger wheels and suspension help absorb the bumps you encounter on uneven surfaces or while moving at faster speeds. Due to their larger wheels and bulkier design, most are heavier and may not fold as quickly as other types.

Double Stroller

Double strollers are helpful for twins or siblings born close together. There are two types; one is in-line with the seat in front of the other, and side-by-side with both seats next to each other. In addition, there are convertible strollers that can be configured with one seat but can add a second later on.

Travel System

A travel system is a stroller with a baby car seat that attaches directly to it. This offers the ultimate convenience when moving your baby from the stroller to the car and vice-versa, especially if they are sleeping. It can also make sense financially if you would need a car seat anyway, as you are getting both with this type of system.

The Best Trustworthy Baby Stroller

Here at Besrey, we excel at all things baby and have years of experience making strollers that new parents love to use.

Our latest creation results from our prior experiences of making strollers and combining the best of everything we've learned from the feedback.

Besrey Gravity-fold Stroller

Hassle-free folding: One-button folding in just 1 second!

Smooth-rolling wheels: Shock-absorbing EVA wheels and oil-less bearings.

Lightweight & compact: Weighs 14.4lbs and is close enough to carry on a plane.

Ultimate comfort: Premium fabric and ergonomic reclining seat for 6-36 month baby.

Besrey travel stroller

The Besrey gravity fold stroller is more accessible for parents and takes up less room space due to its easy-folding characteristics and compact size. This stroller's safe and durable materials ensure a harmless and smooth-riding environment for your little one.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a lightweight travel stroller, take an in-depth look at the Besrey travel stroller. Weighing only 12lbs, the Besrey lightweight stroller makes any outing a little easier! With a durable aluminium frame, it's both an everyday and travel stroller perfect for babies from birth to 36 months.

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