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How to Fold a Baby Stroller? Step-by-Step Guide

Different brands of baby strollers may have different folding ways. Here are a few invariable steps and tips to tell you how to fold a stroller.

How to Fold a Baby Stroller?

Most models are fairly easy to fold, some with just one hand. However, some models may require two hands and more effort. Take it easy. Five steps to fold a baby stroller effortlessly and rapidly to make your baby caring easier and more convenient.

Read the User Manual Carefully

Please consult the user manual carefully before you fold your stroller. The manual has all the "details" about folding the stroller: step by step. You won't know unless you read the instructions, and the significant thing is that you should operate the stroller so that folding out damage.

Set Brakes

Making a stroller stand still is challenging if your baby stroller doesn't have brakes. Honestly, this feature is critical for security purposes. If your model has a brake on the rear wheels, you must step on it before folding. This step is very conducive to the completion of the next action. 

Retract the Canopy

No matter what baby stroller you buy, it has a canopy for sun shadow or rain shelter. You need to take hold of the front of the canopy and pull it back toward the stroller's rear in the direction of the handlebar.

Remove Stroller Accessories

Usually, most strollers come with many extra accessories, like sunshades, food trays, and cup holders. Besides, there are some loose items packed in the stroller basket. All these must be removed to avoid crushing before folding the stroller. 

Use Locking Mechanism

Generally speaking, there are two locking modes for strollers. One is that you press a push button, a catch, a lever, or a handle that can release the locking mechanism. The other way is to operate the button on the handle and the lever on the side. Finish these steps, and your baby stroller is folded well. For more detailed information, please refer to the user's manual of your stroller.

Tips on Folding a Baby Stroller

  1. When going out with a baby stroller, check the various parts of the stroller first, such as the locking device of each part or whether the braking performance is good.
  1. When folding, you must check that the stroller is dry. A wet stroller can be damaged if folded.
  1. When folding the stroller, keep it away from the baby and do not let it get close. Otherwise, you may accidentally hurt the baby. 
  1. When folding the stroller, press the handles and buttons into place.
  1. After folding the stroller, check whether the parts are folded in place, and pay attention to whether there is a prompt that the stroller has been folded in place.
  1. Strictly follow the folding steps in the instructions step by step.
  1. When folding the stroller, do not pull it with brute force when the push handle isn't able to be pulled. Otherwise, the handle will be broken, and the stroller isn't folded anymore.
  1. After being folded, the stroller should be placed in a good position, at least out of the baby's reach, to prevent a sudden collapsing.

How to Fold the Besrey Gravity Fold Stroller?

Besrey lightweight gravity-fold baby stroller, particularly characterized by easy folding, features a full-size canopy, spacious basket, detachable cup holder, and smooth shock-absorbing wheels with a one-touch rear brake.

Besrey lightweight gravity-fold baby stroller

Rotating the button, it will fold within seconds automatically. Four detailed steps to fold this gravity-fold baby stroller to help you fold the stroller hassle-free.

Step 1. Press the brake pedal to lock the wheels. (Warm tips: DO NOT fold the stroller with a child nearby. Be careful when unrolling the stroller so as not to catch your fingers.)

Step 2. Push the Fold Button on the top handle and rotate the top handle forward.

Step 3. Push forward and downward on the stroller. Then release the handle and let gravity fold the stroller frame.

Step 4. Ensure the fold latch is secured when the frame is fully folded. It may require lifting the sliding tab.

In conclusion, no matter what kind of stroller you buy, the best thing to do is to check the owner's manual for proper folding. In most cases, you must apply the brakes, retract the canopy, remove accessories, including the car seat, and fold.

It is very common to travel with a baby in a stroller. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to fold a stroller. Whether going up and down the stairs, by car, or in terms of storage, an easy-to-fold baby stroller can reduce the stress of caring for your baby, creating a relaxing baby caring experience.

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