the benefits of children learning to ride toddler tricycles

What Are the Benefits of Children Learning to Ride Toddler Tricycles?

Allowing a toddler to ride a tricycle has unexpected benefits!

Since their invention, tricycles for toddlers have been an essential childhood toy for children worldwide. A toddler tricycle can help children have the best time of their lives. What are the additional advantages of riding a tricycle for children? This article will look at the issue from a variety of perspectives.

a toddler rides a tricycle

At What Age Can Children Start Riding Toddler Tricycles?

  • 10-12 Months Old:The toddler has just learned how to walk at this stage. Sitting on a toddler tricycle and sliding with both hands and feet can help the toddler develop limb coordination.
  • 12-18 Months Old:At this age, toddlers can ride a tricycle for a short distance, which can help them develop balance skills, but they still require parental supervision.
  • 18-24 Months Old:At this age, toddlers are active and can steer and pedal on their own, allowing them to observe their surroundings while having fun.
  • 30 Months Old +:At this age, the toddler's desire to explore grows stronger, and he can begin to explore his surroundings by riding a toddler tricycle.

What Type of Tricycle is Best for Children?

Many toddler tricycles on the market are appropriate for different stages of the child's development. It is divided into two categories: single-function tricycles and multi-mode tricycles. Suppose parents choose to purchase a toddler tricycle with a single function.

In that case, they must purchase multiple tricycles of various types at different stages of their child's growth, which is appropriate for families with a sufficient budget and storage space. The multifunctional toddler tricycle combines different riding modes required by the baby's developmental stage on a single tricycle, saving money and storage space and making it ideal for families with limited storage space.

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The Benefits of Children Learning to Ride Toddler Tricycles

Exercise Limbs and Brain

As the toddler climbs on and off the tricycle, it will flex the muscle groups in the arms and legs. Riding a toddler tricycle requires using both hands, feet, eyes and brain. This process can effectively improve the coordination of the child's body parts, balance and brain response-ability.

Learn to Be Independent

Riding a tricycle can help children develop independence. They can explore different backyard areas or park independently once they can ride freely. They no longer require parental assistance to explore the world around them.

Build Confidence

Riding a tricycle can boost the child's self-confidence. Perhaps the children will be confused at first, but as they learn how to balance and turn, they will gradually increase their self-awareness and become more certain of themself, boosting self-confidence.

Raise Safety Awareness

Riding a toddler tricycle can help them develop an awareness of traffic safety. Children can learn basic traffic rules and safety requirements when riding by avoiding obstacles, pedestrians, etc.

Take the Initiative

Your children can get anywhere independently, whether participating in a bike race in the park or riding freely from block to block. Everything in this process is up to the child to take the initiative, that is, to decide how to act.

Prepare for Bicycle Riding

Once your child has mastered riding a trike, the transition to cycling is seamless. This is because they are already familiar with the wheels, handles, pedals and other parts of a tricycle that are almost identical to those of a bicycle.

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With so many benefits, it's time to teach your child to ride a tricycle.


There are numerous advantages to teaching children to ride a tricycle. But how do you pick the best tricycle? It is recommended to purchase a tricycle with multiple functions. A multifunctional tricycle can save money while providing children with multiple riding options for versatile fun. The following Besrey tricycle, for example, combines several interesting riding modes.

It is suitable for toddlers from 10 months to 4 years. Featured with a curved tube design, a seat height ranging from 11.8-15.4" (1.2" higher than others) and a forward/backward adjustable handlebar, the toddler tricycle fits a wider range of rider heights.

This 3-mode tricycle is a multifunctional toddler tricycle helping your kids confidently learn balance, steering coordination, pedalling and riding. You can effortlessly connect each modular part and build the tricycle in 10mins following the instructional guide in the packaging.

A stable triangle structure protects from tipping over, a durable carbon steel frame and fully enclosed EVA foam wheels enable your kids to navigate various surfaces and the kid's trike to endure through siblings.

With a one-press mode switch, you can change it between different modes simply by pressing a button and locking the fork angle between the 2 rear wheels for safe riding. A soft, ergonomically designed saddle with a PU surface gives maximum riding comfort. At the same time, the rubber handlebar provides an anti-slip grid, and the smooth bearing of the rear wheels reduces resistance when riding. 

Now, it's available on Besrey's online shop at a favourable price of $69.99!


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