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When Can Children Transition from Tricycles to Bicycles?

Children who are too young can only ride tricycles because of poor balance. With their growth, riding a toddler tricycle is lacking fun. At this moment, changing the type of bikes should be considered.

A bicycle is a better choice for them. However, it is a process for children to switch from tricycles to bicycles. From tricycles to transition bikes, then to bicycles, are you clear on when to pick up the appropriate ones for kids?

When Can Children Ride a Tricycle?

Generally, 2.5 to 3 years old is the minimum age for a child to start riding a tricycle. At this age, kids will have the motor skills, coordination, and physical movement needed to pedal a tricycle. Kids' tricycles tend to be safer than kids' bicycles because they are lower off the ground, more stable, and less prone to tipping over.

kids' tricycle

However, there are several factors you need to consider when deciding if your child is ready to ride a tricycle.

  • Height

      A child must be tall enough to pedal comfortably and freely park the tricycle.

  • Physical strength

      The child needs to be strong enough to pedal and drive the tricycle.

Training Wheel Bike VS Balance Bike

For most kids, it isn't easy to switch from tricycles to bicycles directly. A transition bike is necessary to compensate for the deficiency that riding trikes don't exercise their balance. Trainer bike and balance bike, which one is better for kid riding?

Toddler Bike with Trainer Wheels

A training wheel bike is like a regular bicycle but with training wheels or stabilizers.

toddler bike with trainer wheels


  1. Training wheels support keeping the bike upright, suitable for younger children.
  2. Riding a training bike doesn't require much balance on the child's own.
  3. The training wheels can be removed when kids can balance themselves.


  1. Children will get used to relying on training wheels for balance. There is no benefit to practicing balance.
  2. Teaching kids to ride bikes with training wheels is more time-consuming because kids have not been trained in the ability to keep balance.
  3. Training wheels/stabilizers add extra weight to the bike. It is challenging to handle bikes on rough roads.
  4. It isn't easy to steer when riding a bike with stabilizers.

Balance Bike

balance bike


  1. As the name suggests, balance bikes are perfect for teaching kids to balance in sitting and riding a bike.
  2. Balancing bikes help kids get used to the steering and teach them the steering limits.
  3. The balance bike assists children in learning to control their speed and stop without falling.
  4. The balance bike easily rolls over various obstacles. Uneven surfaces are a breeze for it.
  5. Balance bikes are lightweight. They are half the weight of a pedal bike, and easy to ride-kids go further.
  6. Balance bikes provide more fun and independent riding. Because the balance bike starts early. Generally, children can start exploring balance bikes when they are 18 months old. However, it is usually not until the age of 3 that kids can ride a bicycle comfortably.
  7. Transitioning to a bicycle is effortless because kids have learned how to keep balance on a bike!
  8. It is a money-saving way to make a balance bike out of any kids' bicycle by removing pedals and lowering the seat.
  9. The balance bike is a narrow, child-friendly frame that provides a more natural fit than most small pedal bikes.


  1. Children get bored quickly. They will love to ride bikes like some of their friends.
  2. Balance bikes can't practice kids' pedaling skills.
  3. It takes time and patience to graduate from the balance bike if kids learn to ride bicycles.

By comparison, balance bikes are more worthy for kids than trainer bikes as a transition bike from tricycles to bicycles.

At What Age Do Children Get Their First Bicycle?

Children learn to ride a bike at the average age of 3-7. But no matter when they start, every child follows the same path to mastering riding.

the fun of riding children's bicycles
  • Balancing
  • Steering/handling
  • Pedaling
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Reaction time
  • Braking

Here are some ways to know whether the kid can ride a toddler bike independently.

  1. Kids can safely move their center of gravity in and out to steer into turns.
  2. It's easy to make a sharp turn as they try to avoid hitting something.
  3. Children can safely cycle long distances without getting tired.
  4. Kids can effortlessly avoid a fall or ditch while avoiding any potential accidents.

One Purchase to Getting Four Riding Experiences

The Besrey 7-in-1 toddler tricycle is designed for kids aged 1-5. It has 4 modes to be switched by simple and quick disassembly, meeting the needs of baby walker trikes, guided trikes, toddler trikes, and balance bikes.

With 5 adjustable heights of extra-long steering push handle, the guided trike allow parents to guide kids to learn to ride, or tots push the tricycle by themselves.

The push rod steering linkage is patented and makes the handle and wheels steer in the same direction to create a smooth experience.

The 11.8-15 inch height-adjustable supportive soft seat and 180° front and rear adjustable handlebars provide a comfortable ride.

The tricycle frame is made of aviation-grade materials for durability. The tricycle is designed with a stable triangular structure and a 42° steering angle to prevent it from rolling.

The 6-bearing wheels drive smoothly on cobblestone roads, grass, asphalt roads, etc. The tricycle is a foldable design and compact shape and can be easily stored in a trunk or room without too much space.

Besrey 7-in-1 toddler tricycle


For buying bikes, a multiple-in-one bike is a high-cost performance ratio. For the time to ride bicycles, parents need to research and observe children's progress on the transition bike to determine if it's time to ride a new bicycle. It is a process from riding a tricycle to riding a bicycle, requiring parents to pay more energy and time on kids. They need to be encouraged and supported.

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