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Scooter Vs. Tricycle: Which is Better for a Toddler?

When your toddler is comfortable walking around independently at a steady pace, it's time to consider wheels! You've probably seen small children riding scooters and tricycles near your house or in the park, but what is the best option for you? This article will weigh the advantages and disadvantages of scooters and tricycles.

What is a Toddler Scooter?

Looking for ways to exhaust an active toddler? Take them outside, hand them a toddler scooter, and watch them zoom about. Scooters (along with bikes and tricycles) assist children in developing strength, mobility, and coordination skills while providing a fun way to get from A to B!

Children as young as one can learn to ride a toddler scooter, but there are also variants with a transition seat that are meant for kids as young as two, making scooters an excellent alternative for toddlers of all ages.

toddler scooter

Pros & Cons of a Toddler Scooter

Pros of a Toddler Scooter

It Boosts Their Confidence

"I can't put on my shoes," "I can't change my shirt," or "I can't clean up my toys by myself," how many times have you heard your child say? Perhaps you've heard all three!

While toddlers can do a lot of things, there are a lot of things they can't perform daily. Or, at the very least, things they believe they cannot do! Sometimes all your child needs is a boost of confidence to discover that they can accomplish "big kid" things—and riding a scooter independently could be the first step toward recognizing just how capable they are.

When your toddler has mastered the art of riding their scooter around the block while you follow behind, they may become more self-sufficient with other duties, such as getting dressed.

It Improves Their Balance

Toddlers fall more than adults because they still figure out their center of gravity and the entire "balancing" thing. A scooter is an excellent way for children to practice keeping their bodies straight while steering, coordinating hand-eye motions, keeping an eye on their surroundings, dodging hazards, and braking.

It Brings Them Outside

Fresh air is beneficial to all of us, including children. According to research, children who spend time outside sleep better, feel happier, and have superior executive functioning skills; they may also benefit from higher levels of vitamin D, enhanced focus, and even better vision.

It Prepares Them for Biking

Some abilities required to ride a bike differ from those required to ride a scooter, but many are the same:

  • Balance
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine and gross motor development
  • A sprinkling of confidence

Allowing your youngster to practice on a scooter will prepare them for when they start asking for a bike.

Cons of a Toddler Scooter

They Only Use One Leg

This can be difficult for a toddler to master, and it may end up strengthening the muscle in the leg used to steer and move the scooter.

They'll Want an Electric Scooter Next

As your child grows and spends more time on their scooter, they may start to ask for an electric scooter, which can be very costly.

What is a Toddler Tricycle?

toddler tricycle is an expert in learning via play and may join youngsters at the beginning of their biking excursions. It's suited for babies as young as nine months, and the modular design allows it to expand with your developing rider.

toddler tricycle with handle

In practice, what does this mean? Your child is growing and learning new abilities, and you can gradually remove parts of the bike until your child can ride an autonomous tricycle. Three wheels mean more stability and riding confidence, ideal for little ones who aren't yet ready to begin learning to balance.

However, before a bold older child uses the tricycle, you have a great vehicle for walks - it has a hood, safety harness, guard rail, and telescoping parent handle. Mum and dad have everything under control with a children's trike!

Pros & Cons of a Toddler Tricycle

Pros of a Toddler Tricycle

  1. Transition: Gets your toddler ready to ride a bike. A tricycle is an excellent way to prepare your toddler to transition to a pedal bike.
  2. Control: Provides your toddler with more control. Tricycles require your child to have both legs on the ground, which allows them to feel more in control and stable on the bike.
  3. Good physical exercise: Riding their tricycle around is a great exercise for your child and can make outings like family walks easier because your child can move more easily.

Cons of a Toddler Tricycle

  1. Heavier: Because tricycles are generally larger, bulkier, and heavier, they can be difficult to store and transport and they are difficult to carry around.
  2. Difficult to maneuver: Because the tricycle is larger and heavier, it can be difficult for toddlers to figure out how to move around easily.
  3. Cost: Generally, a tricycle costs more than a scooter. Tricycles have a limited lifespan, which makes them expensive.
  4. Punctures: Tricycles, of course, have wheels that can get punctured and need to be repaired or replaced depending on the extent of the damage.

Choose a Scooter or a Tricycle?

There is no definitive answer to this. The above advantages and disadvantages demonstrate that both are advantageous to your toddler. It all comes down to your personal preference.


Whatever you choose for your child's first bike, you can feel good about getting them outside for some healthy movement, teaching coordination, and spending quality time with them. (Oh, they're yelling, "I want to go outside!" IT STILL MATTERS!)

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