How to Choose a Teepee for Kids?

How to Choose a Teepee for Kids?

In the development of childhood, fun and play are far greater than we imagined. Ever notice your little one builds a fort somewhere in the house just for himself out of recycled cardboard boxes, decorative pillows, and sofa cushions?

It is a space like a teepee tent for kids where he can read, fire up his imagination, and organize secret meetings with friends. Therefore, it is a great time to select a teepee for your kid to encourage him. With so many options available in the teepee on the market, how to choose the right teepee for your child?

teepee tent for kids

Different Kinds of Teepee

Canvas Teepee Tent

Canvas tepees were once used as a common teepee for nomadic Native Americans crossing the North American plains, and the current canvas teepee is a continuation. They are also called 4-pole tepees. Breathable fabric means canvas tepees are a great all-weather option for indoor and outdoor play. Durable and easy to maintain, this teepee is a great choice for parents of young children.

Hexagonal Teepee Tent

The tent has a hexagonal design, featuring spacious and durable. Similarly, it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

According to the design of the teepee tent, it can be divided into little girl teepee, boy teepee, gender neutral, and baby teepee. The teepee tent's style can also be divided into cowboy/Indian style teepee, park ranger style teepee, bohemian style teepee, modern style teepee, etc.

Where Are the Teepees Used?

Generally speaking, these kids' teepees can be used indoors and outdoors. For specific circumstances, please refer to the seller's introduction, ask the seller directly when purchasing, or check out the user manual after receiving the product.

How to Choose a Teepee for Kids?

A kids' teepee tent is a place that stimulates children's interest, encourages children's interaction, and accompanies their growth. Choosing the best tent for your child can be challenging, with many different styles, patterns, and accessories. Take it easy. Follow me.

Safe and Comfortable Material

A teepee, made of a comfortable and breathable fabric paired with wooden supports, is more conducive to giving children a comfortable play experience. It has both good air permeability and comfortable touch. Even if children are too active and accidentally bump into a tent, they won't be hurt.

Which Shape Do You Need?

The above shows us that the general children's teepee tent can be roughly divided into two shapes: canvas teepee tent and hexagonal teepee tent. The main difference between the two is the internal space of the teepee. A hexagonal teepee tent has more space than a canvas teepee tent, which means that the child will have a greater range of movement playing.

What Kind of Design/Pattern is Suitable for Your Child?

  1. Little girl teepee. These tepees paint plenty of pink and purple and provide plenty of space for their dolls. You can also find tepees with images of characters your daughter might like.
  2. Boy teepee. These tend to be blue tones. They often feature themes such as Native Americans, cowboys, etc.
  3. Gender neutral. These tents have no aesthetic preferences. They are perfect to be used in a playroom or a shared room.
  4. Baby teepee. You heard me right. Babies can stay in the tent. Compared to a large room, a small space will give them a sense of security that you can't imagine.

Which Style Does Your Kid Like?

Many different styles of teepee tents are selling. You can choose one with no other pattern and decorate it with your child or choose a tent that meets all your and your child's needs without changing its features.

For example, the popular cowboy/Indian-style teepee is deeply loved by boys. The park ranger-style teepee is suitable for both girls and boys and for indoor and outdoor use. The bohemian-style teepee tends to be preferred by girls. And the modern-style teepee has an abundance of patterns to choose from.

How to Assemble?

Please check the seller's introduction carefully and choose a teepee with fewer assembly steps, which ensures its safety to a certain extent and is labour-saving for you.


Great accessories create more fun. If this tent comes with more accessories, it must be a plus.

  • Pillow
  • String light
  • Garland
  • Toys

The Best Kids Teepee Tent

Besrey folding kids teepee tent, designed with modern style, satisfies kids 6 months-11 years old, using indoor or outdoor. Made of high-density cotton canvas with 0.98" thick solid Finnish pine wood, it greatly ensures the stability and safety of players.

Coming with an LED twinkle light makes a kind of soothing atmosphere. A little hollow window for parents watching also helps air circulation. Two big pockets on one side can store kids' favourite books, pens, toys, and other items. After you receive the product, please check out the manual. Only takes a few steps to complete the installation; it is very simple and convenient.


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