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Does a Baby Carrier Help in Travelling?

It is not an easy thing to travel with a baby; just a big bag of feeding bottles, diapers, towels, wet wipes, and a baby who is not underweight. It will be quite hard without a “helper”. Have you ever been on a trip with a stroller and encountered breathtaking scenery you couldn't access? The baby carrier can solve these.

When you carry the baby on your body, you can do what you want with your hands-free. At the same time, you don't have to pay too much attention to the baby in the stroller; instead, you can focus on taking in the scenery.

But it also has its drawbacks. You have to support the baby's weight. You and your baby may get boiling. It is challenging to sit usually, bend over to pick up things, and do other activities you take for granted.

pros of using a baby carrier for travel

Pros of Using a Baby Carrier for Travel


With the toddler carrier, your baby or toddler is strapped to your chest or back, so you don't have to worry about pushing a stroller while also lugging bags and travel accessories. Carriers for baby help you be hands-free, so you have fewer things to juggle while travelling.

Get Convenient

Using a newborn carrier while travelling makes everything so much easier. Because it's not always practical to bring a stroller up and down stairs or on uneven roads, you will need an easy way to transfer your baby when the stroller doesn't work out.

Nap Easier

The carrier for baby is great for nap times if you're out and about. Most babies napped better when using a toddler carrier than a stroller. Therefore, it made naps for babies during a long day out easier.

Breastfeeding Anytime

Travelling with a baby is so much easier when you have a carrier for baby that is convenient for breastfeeding. Baby carriers that are breathable and easily adjustable for comfort are ideal for the job. They are lightweight and supportive for newborns, making them ideal for travel.

Undisturbed Sleep

If you're travelling by air, a carrier for air travel will allow your baby to sleep undisturbed while you go through check-in and other security checks.

Provide a Sense of Security

It helps babies feel secure and safe while they are close to their parents and keeps them warm if you travel to a colder destination. You can also keep an eye on them, reassuring every parent. Carrying a baby who feels safe makes the transition to travel much more accessible.

Baby Explores the World

You and your baby will meet so many people when travelling. Carrying babies using newborn carriers can broaden their horizons, give them more opportunities to contact people around them, and promote their mental, physical, interpersonal and emotional development.

Cons of Using a Baby Carrier for Travel

Be Tired

You can get heavy and get sore quickly. When travelling, you must be involved in many things and carry a baby. After a while, you will feel tired and difficult on the road and have no strength to appreciate the scenery.

In Trouble As Weather Conditions

Protecting them from extreme weather conditions is more challenging than a stroller. In hot weather, you can easily use a fan to help cool them down, and you have the sun shade to protect them from UV rays, which is much more complicated when using a toddler carrier. It is also inconvenient in the winter, as the extra layers can make it feel bulkier and more uncomfortable to carry.

Simple Things Become Complicated

If you need to go to the bathroom or do other things in the middle of the travel way, untying the infant carrier is more trouble.

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The Best Baby Carrier for Travel

A toddler carrier is helpful when travelling with a baby. To help you find a suitable one, we've listed the best baby carriers for travel. Ideally, a suitable baby carrier should be breathable, lightweight and washable.

Many toddler carriers can also be adjusted to suit the baby's age. The Besrey hip seat baby carrier is an excellent carrier for a baby who's beginning to explore and offers comfort, support, and convenience for parents.

It features a cushioned hip seat design, two-way straps for front or backpack-style carrying, and easy adjustment. Moreover, It is lightweight, high quality and breathable mesh, which can make you and your baby comfortable all day during the trip. If you want to know more about it, you could browse in-depth on Amazon or enter the store directly.

Besrey hip seat baby carrier

Advice for Using a Baby Carrier for Travel

1. Choose the Right Size

The most crucial principle in choosing a baby carrier is that it must be a suitable size fit for your baby, not too large or too small, loose or too tight, and just right.

2. The Position of the Back Should Not Be Too Low

If the baby is carried too low, the baby carrier may be too loose, and the baby may fall. The baby's head should rest on your chest when the baby is carried in front of you. When the baby is carried on the back, the baby's head should rest on your shoulders.

3. Let the Baby Breathe Freely

Ensure your baby breathes well when using the carrier, significantly if they can't rotate their head freely.

4. Provide Enough Support for the Baby's Neck

If your baby does not have enough neck and head support, it is easy for the baby to lean back and shake the head back and forth with the actions of adults. So remember to give the baby enough neck support when using the baby carrier.

5. Ensure Safety

Be sure that the safety buckle of the baby carrier will not fall off when the baby can move freely.

6. Keep Your Baby's Face out

Remember to keep an eye on your baby from time to time. Don't let the baby be covered by the baby carrier, which may cause suffocation.

7. Don't Dress Your Baby Too Much

Dressing your baby in a lot of clothing while using the baby carrier may make the baby feel too hot. After all, adults are also heat sources.

8. Read the Manual Carefully

When you use a baby carrier for the first time, a detailed instructional tutorial to learn how to use a baby carrier can keep your baby safe and comfortable.

9. Be Below 2 Hours

Don't carry your baby in one way all the time. It's best not to use the baby carrier for more than 2 hours.

Final Thoughts

A baby carrier is a great helper when travelling with a baby. It gives you a simple way to transfer your baby and can also greatly simplify your journey. Selecting a suitable baby carrier is very important for travelling with your baby. The Besrey baby carrier has lightweight and comfortable features and is your top pick.

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